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Metropics – Thursday, June 18th, 10am-noon

Written by on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

As our communities are coming to grips with with the tragedies of both the global pandemic and also an awakening to the deep roots of systemic racism that have plagued cultures world wide, music has been found to have great healing powers. That’s the suggestion of one of our WSLR programmers, Carlos Pagán, the host of Metropics Radio Thursday, from 10am to noon. 

Born in the South Bronx, to Puerto Rican parents with a long black, hispanic, and Taino heritage, Carlos aims to bridge many of our deepest divides with the transcendent healing language of music.   Please give a listen to his highly curated blend of of jazz, soulful world music, R&B, and Latin all stirred together to perk up your spirit tomorrow, and every Thursday morning from 10am to noon on these your community sponsored stations WSLR and WBPV out of Sarasota Florida.