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“Yesterday’s Dead Today”, Monday, June 22nd, 7-9pm Eastern

Written by on Sunday, June 21, 2020

“It is said that, if you lined up all those who have ever been to a Grateful Dead concert head-to-toe, the line would stretch around the moon, and about halfway back. And nobody would complain!”

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Grateful Dead
Jai-Alai Fronton, Miami, FL

June 22, 1974
Matrix by Hunter Seamons:

Final Cut Pro (FLAC24 & FLAC16 > AIFF > Final Cut
SBD > Master Reel > Cassette > Dat > CD, SBD (shnid=90200):
All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller

AUD (shnid=105825):
new fresh 24 bit transfer aud cassette master, taped by Jerry Moore
aud>akg d1000e’s>sony tc-152sd, (3)maxell ud-120’s, dolby

transferred & seeded by Rob Berger 2/3/10

Disc 1 – Set 1:

  1. tuning
  2. Promised Land >
  3. Bertha >
  4. Greatest Story Ever Told
  5. Deal
  6. Me And Bobby McGee
  7. Scarlet Begonias
  8. Jack Straw
  9. Loose Lucy
  10. Mexicali Blues
  11. Sugaree
  12. The Race Is On
  13. It Must Have Been The Roses

Disc 2 – Set 1 cont’d.:

  1. Playing In The Band

Set 2:

  1. tuning
  2. China Cat Sunflower >
  3. I Know You Rider
  4. Me And My Uncle
  5. Ship Of Fools
  6. El Paso

Dise 3 – Set 2 cont’d.:

  1. Eyes Of The World >
  2. Wharf Rat >
  3. Sugar Magnolia


  1. Johnny B. Goode

These reviews are of the matrix:
Excellent show from a great year and a even greater month. The matrix is very well done. I love having the
crowd there for the big moments. Highly recommend this one.

REVIEW: wow #2!
I could eat this raw…everyday…with no condiments! Beautiful! Honestly,this show’s probably
a 4.5 star but I give it a full 5 ’cause it seems to be a bit of secret. THE PEOPLE MUST KNOW! JAI-LAI

REVIEW: You got to hear this
This is a fantastic show with an amazing feel and energy level. It leaves the next night (6/23) in the shade. For
some reason people praise 6/23 to the heavens but I just don’t hear it. To me 6/23 sounds uninspired. But 6/22 is
one of the best shows I’ve heard.

REVIEW: fantastic matrix!!!
I have to admit…this show just put a BIG smile on my face.

REVIEW: Always been a classic
This an the Freedom Hall shows have always been classics. When I borrowed my older brother’s tapes (I
imagine a lot of us did) he pushed the ’74 shows on me. Nothing wrong with these shows really, great playing a
setlists. This one starts off pretty normal with the levels still getting adjusted. By the middle of Promised Land
they get the sound sorted out.

These reviews are from other recordings:
REVIEW: As I recall…
It was an uneven show but it was my first dead show, so I can’t be too objective. I was blown away at the time
and I still like it now. Glad I found it after all these years. Still sounds good even with so much more to compare
to it now over the years.

REVIEW: underrated!
tree-ap this show sounds GREAT to my ears! not the most precise playing of ’74, to be sure, but there is some
real nice stuff here. Eyes>Wharf rat is fantastically jammed and features a unique transition, the China>Rider is
likely one of the best ever, and many of the ‘first set’ songs are played with a lot of conviction…just listen to phil
on GSET! this one is worthy of more attention !

REVIEW: Very nice show here!
This show is a very nice find. The reviews here are mixed. For all the hype given to the wall of sound and 1974,
clearly it has to do with a live experience because the recordings, while crisp in most cases (this one is B quality
with minor hiss) don’t really add up to being a very strong show to listen to. Many ’74 shows are like this. The
mix IS overly drummy and the vocals ARE low and it IS annoying. Again, there are exceptions…this show is a
nice find- greatest story rips and jerry goes into a quassi playin jam and the eyes wharfrat is a hypnotic and
melodic jamfest- we get our first taste of slipknot here n the middle of eyes as well. 1974 is not a great year.
Jerry was touring heavily with Merl and JGB and Bob was acticve in Ace/bobby and midnights like projects and
the hiatus was imminent. But the previous reviewer is WRONG in sooo many ways yet has some validity to his
criticism. The promised land opener sound like garbage…the recording doesnt get good until mid Bertha. This is
a very well played show and Jerry is high in the mix- Scarlet is a jamfest but again- too short. It was not until
late september and October of this year that Scarlet really developed. Great show great band- heart of gold band!
Oh and a truly blessed evrsion of ship of fools!

REVIEW: nice show
Played @ the ol Jai Alai…Makes me proud that the Dead played such awesome shows in South Florida, being a
Miami native resident and all.

REVIEW: Sweet Sound
listening to China Rider right now, and its nice, mellow and just all around beautiful 74′ dead. Awesome, the 5
stars is for people to notice this little gem.

Jerry’s vox on “Deal” are fantastic. Great feel to this show.

REVIEW: A nice pair
These two miami shows(22 and 23 June) capture the wall of sound in all its monster glory. Between the shows
are all the big numbers played out in fine 74 style..Highlights being a giant PITB at 28mins.Chinacat>Rider,nice
n jammed out with an eyes n wharf rat in set two..I recommend downloading both shows for a good taste of 74
magic..BTW the sound quality is top notch for outdoor aud recording.