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Ron Turner, then Poor People’s Economic Human Rights this Weds, June 24 at 9am on Peace & Justice.

Written by on Sunday, June 21, 2020

Our first guest on the Peace & Justice Report this Wednesday, June 24, at 9am will be Sarasota Supervisor of Elections Ron Turner. We’ll talk about the details of voting, especially voting by mail, and also how citizens with a felony in their past can register. The Amendment 4 information page posted by the Supervisor is HERE.

For an even better explanation of the Amendment 4 ruling, click HERE for the League of Women Voters page on Amendment 4. The full opinion of Judge Hinkle’s ruling on the Amendment 4 case is HERE. See pages 118 through 125 for conclusions and orders. Gov. DeSantis is appealing the ruling.

By the way, you can now RESERVE A COMPUTER at your local Sarasota County Library. Click HERE or call 941-861-1110. Computers are available in Manatee County also.

Our second guest will be Bruce Wright. Bruce is the Florida director of the  Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign. We’ll talk with Bruce about the campaign and the eight days he spent in Minneapolis following George Floyd’s murder.

We have launched a Poor People’s Army in an effort to save our lives. More people in the U.S. have died due to the opioid crisisthan from the Vietnam War. Our children continue to go to bed hungry, are forced to attend inadequate schools, and are the victims of violence.

Our families are not surviving, and in order for us to fight for a future for our children and the planet, we are getting organized.

On opening day of the Milwaukee Democratic National Convention, July 13, 2020, we want to amass the largest Poor People’s Army in the belly of the beast – to fight for humanity. We are waging a war against poverty for those of us here at home and those abroad. The children of Africa, of Venezuela, of Puerto Rico and Palestine (and the list goes on) are counting on us! Can we count on you to enlist today?