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News Service of Florida, then the Status of Florida Girls on Peace & Justice Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 9am

Written by on Monday, February 8, 2021

This Wednesday, February 10 at 9am, our first guest was Jim Saunders, the Executive Editor of the News Service of Florida. Jim has agreed to give us a weekly five-minute overview of the latest activity in the Florida Legislature – new bills, upcoming hearings, and so forth. But this week Jim will be with us for half an hour, explaining how the news is gathered, how the legislature really functions, and how we can best pay attention and give our input. You can see some of their reporting in the Florida News section of Tallahassee Reports.

The second half of the show was dedicated to Florida girls. We had two guests, Vicky Basra, President and CEO. and Vanessa Patino Lydia, VP of Research & Planning, from the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center – See the Girl.

The center is dedicated to engaging communities and individuals through research, community organizing, and advocacy to advance the rights of girls, young women and youth who identify as female, especially those impacted by the justice system. They have recently released an important report on the status of girls in Florida. Read it HEREThe report shows that many girls are in peril. They experience alarming rates of violence and victimization in their communities, schools, and homes. “The rates of hopelessness, suicide ideation, and substance use among girls must compel our communities and state to take action.”

As always, if you missed this show, you can go to archive.wslr.org to hear the recording. Thanks for listening!