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Sarasota County Debris Removal

Written by on Thursday, October 6, 2022

Sarasota County’s storm debris contractors have been given clearance to enter the public roads to begin removal of loose and bulky vegetative storm debris. To view the estimated collection timeframe for your neighborhood, visit https://bit.ly/stormdebrispickupmap and enter your address into the map. Information will be updated on a regular basis as contractors work through the collection process.

Here are a few reminders to help the process run smoothly:

  • Keep your vegetative storm debris pile and construction and demolition pile separated from your regular trash and yard waste, and away from trees, mailboxes, fire hydrants, water meters, utility lines or other objects that could be damaged during pickup.
  • If other items (i.e. fences, garbage bags, etc.) are mixed in the vegetative storm debris pile, or if they are too close in proximity, the debris contractor may not be able to pick up the vegetative storm debris.
  • Small pieces of vegetative debris (small branches, leaves, moss, etc.) should be placed in containers, in bags or bundled and placed at the curb separately from the vegetative storm debris for collection on your regularly scheduled collection day.
  • Piles that include fresh landscaping or yard waste will be disqualified for pickup per FEMA regulations. Newly generated landscaping or yard debris from regular maintenance at your residence should be prepared properly for curbside pickup by Waste Management. Items should be 4’ or less in length, 40 pounds or less in weight and bagged, containerized, bundled or tied.
  • Regular garbage and yard waste should be placed away from large storm debris so that it is easily identifiable and accessible for collection. Waste Management will continue to collect properly prepared garbage and yard waste.

Debris Removal on Private Roads

More than half the roadways in Sarasota County are private, and the cost of debris collection and removal from private roadways is currently not eligible for reimbursement under the Federal Emergency Management Agency Public Assistance Program unless special exception is granted.

Residents who live on a private road must grant the county the right to enter the roadway for debris removal PRIOR to any debris removal. This requires a completed Right-of-Entry/Hold Harmless form that is signed by the legal owner of the road or a legal representative, such as a homeowners association or management company. A completed ROE form must be filed after each storm event.

If you live on a private road, please submit your contact information here. A member of Sarasota County’s ROE team will reach out to you as soon as the forms are available.

Complete e-news from Sarasota County available here: https://myemail.constantcontact.com/Emergency-Update–Hurricane-Ian.html?soid=1102715362124&aid=_qPKTFV-daI