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Sarasota Film Festival on Peace & Justice, Wednesday at 9am.

Written by on Monday, March 20, 2023

This Wednesday at 9am we’ll talk to Paul Ratner about the Sarasota Film Festival which starts this Friday, March 24. Paul is Managing Director of the festival. We’ll be joined by two filmmakers:

Chucha Barber is the Producer of Unfiltered: The Truth About Oysters. It’s a documentary film that “explores the oyster’s role both in our world and its own. Ashore, oysters are a beloved delicacy, a commodity driving a robust market, and a way of life for generations of people. Below the waves, oysters are a keystone species that filter vast volumes of water and engineer the foundation for entire ecosystems in bays and estuaries across the world.”

KT Curran is the Director of Bridge to the Other Side. “In a small, seaside town, a young mental health worker, struggling with her own grief and self destruction, fights to save people grappling with mental illness in her new job as head of a crisis response team. Embedded with the fire department, she’s battling her partner who doesn’t want her there, the clients who fight her tooth and nail, and her own wounded psyche. She wants to save the world – if the job doesn’t kill her first.”

Also, Bob has invited Julie Madison  of Top Tier K9 to talk about dog training and the unusual kinds of things, like covid or cancer, which they can be trained to detect.