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The Critical Times 11.30.18 Friday 6:00 PM

Written by on Friday, November 30, 2018

From WSlR 96.5 LP-FM, this is the Critical Times. I’m Giulia Heyward and, for the next half hour, we’ll be reporting on local politics and grassroots activism, all happening in your backyard. This week, we are tackling homelessness, as WSLR reporter Isabella Cibelli speaks with local activist, Greg Cruz on Streets of Paradise, a local photo series turned nonprofit committed to starting a discussion on the homeless population in the area. We’ll be also be talking to a political activist on the announcement from Rick Scott’s office of another execution to take place and a planned vigil here in Sarasota, FL. Sara Kane, of the Sarasota County Government, speaks on the Sustainable Communities Workshop, currently in its thirteenth year, she’ll be talking about its legacy and what conversations on sustainability look like in Florida. As always, we have Dennis Maley of the Bradenton Times here with his Manatee News Update and Lew Lorini of WSLR’s own Surreal News with the top of the news hour. Maya Owens will be giving us her activist calendar, on local upcoming events happening in the area. It’s all coming up soon, so please stay tuned!