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In a special show for International Women’s Day I interview two women in an unlikely friendship. Miriam was born in Nazareth and lives in Israel.Haneen was born in Gaza but now lives in Portugal. They came together when Miriam wanted to learn Arabic so she could understand the people of Gaza. Haneen’s family is in […]

Donald Trump uses inflammatory rhetoric, like saying that immigrants are “poisoning the blood” of the country. It raises concerns that he is either already a fascist or is sliding towards fascism. My guest on Friday is Dr. Roger Griffin. He’s studied fascism as a professor of modern history at Oxford Brookes University in England. He’s […]

Manatees are an icon of Florida wildlife but over the last few years the population has seen a steep decline. Craig Pittman wrote Manatee Insanity in 2010 but it’s been re-released. His book covers the history of manatee protections and controversies that span more than 100 years. https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/podcast42124/episodes/2024-01-30T14_29_02-08_00

All families have secrets and even when we don’t know what they are, they shape us and our view of the world. My guest on Monday, Jan 1, 2024 is Karen E. Osborne. She’s written a novel based on her family’s secrets. Osborne’s grandmother, Grace, was born in the Congo, immigrated to Jamaica and was […]

A few of my shows recently have been with people who believe we can’t replace fossil fuels with renewables but my guest on Monday, Dr. John Berger, doesn’t believe that. He has authored and edited eleven books on energy and environmental issues and is a long-time supporter of alternative energy solutions to global environmental problems. […]

Coming up this Monday, Nov. 20, 9 am! Interview with the authors of a book who argue that, instead of focusing on how to save civilization, we should learn to live within the limits of the biosphere.