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the Critical Times Monday 9:30 AM 9-17-18

Written by on Monday, September 17, 2018


Earlier this year, a viral video of an altercation between the Sarasota Police Department (SPD) and Newtown resident, Chad Washington, was shared across social media. Today, we’re speaking with members of ANSWER Suncoast with an update on the case. We are also speaking with Sarasota County Schools on enrolled students without a permanent address–and efforts from the county to ensure that they are in school. Opioid addiction has become a hot button issue in the county, and an event this weekend hopes to educate the effects of opioid addiction on pregnant mothers. Florida is one of ten states that permanently removes a felon’s rights to vote once they are convicted. We spoke with the local ACLU chapter on what this amendment will mean for the thousands of felons in the state who are eligible to vote. It’s all coming up very soon!