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Southface Sarasota then the Sarasota Film Festival this Wednesday, April 28 at 9am on the Peace & Justice Report.

Written by on Sunday, April 25, 2021

After a quick summary by Jim Saunders of this week’s activities in Tallahassee, our guests were Andrea Pinabell, President of Southface Institute and Amber Whittle of Southface Sarasota. Southface Institute is a nonprofit that has been advancing healthy communities, regenerative placemaking and a low-carbon future since 2017. Southface Sarasota is a new collaboration just recently announced.

“For over 40 years, Southface Institute has been a leader in the research, design and implementation of a regenerative economy for the Southeast, one that gives back more than it uses. The importance of creating the technologies, policies, job skills and sustainable buildings that lead to vibrant and healthy communities is why we love our work.

“Southface works in collaboration with our community network of fellow nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, NGOs, universities and technical experts, implementing high-performance solutions in buildings and neighborhoods across the Southeast and beyond. In addition to the technical services we provide, our work includes educating professionals, advocating for a clean inclusive economy, supporting other nonprofits and using research to find new solutions to pressing issues in the built environment.”

Following this we’ll talk to a “programmer” from the Sarasota Film Festival who will discuss some of the films you can see stating April 30 and ending May 6. A list of all films is here.

Thanks to Rodney Piatt, a programmer at the film festival, for highlighting some of the 150 films!

Here are the full-length documentaries that are available starting April 30:

A Life’s Work – work that takes more than one lifetime to fulfill

Chasing Childhood. The anecdote to helicopter parents!

City of a Million Dreams – New Orleans jazz 

Dangerous Ladies – women’s suffrage

End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock

Fearless – about a boxing gym in Texas

Generation Growth – children growing vegetables

LIGO – about gravitational waves from space

Landfall – about Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria

Lily Topples the World – about dominoes

Martha: A Picture Story – about New York City graffiti

Meat the Future – meat grown from cells!

My Octopus Teacher – won an Oscar for best documentary!

No Ordinary Man – about Billy Tipton, trans jazz musician

PS: Burn This Letter, Please – gay history in New York City in the 1950’s

Rita Moreno – Just a Girl Who Decided To Go For It

SNCC – Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee

Sapelo – a childhood on a barrier island in Georgia

Television Event – about the 1983 film The Day After, about nuclear war

The Bears on Pine Ridge – fighting suicide on the reservation – I saw it.

The Boys Who Said No – about draft resisters, featuring Joan Baez

The Bubble – about the Villages in Florida

The Dilemma of Desire – about the exploration of cliteracy

The Jump – a ship defector who was returned to the Soviets

The Process of Recovering – about a childhood incest survivor

The Revolutionary Generation

The Road Up – getting and keeping a job

Through the Night – 24 hour daycare for working mothers

Weed and Wine

Women in Blue – featuring a Minneapolis female police chief

Wuhan Wuhan – about Covid in China

Youth v Gov – young people sue the government over climate change