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The Progressive Page Turner: ‘Bright Green Lies’

Written by on Friday, November 17, 2023

Monday, November 20 at 9am

The world we take for granted with shiny new cars, supermarkets filled with tasty food and climate controlled buildings relies on industrial levels of energy provided by fossil fuels. In their book, Bright Green Lies, Derrick Jensen, Max Wilbert and Lierre Keith argue that we can’t replace fossil fuels with renewables. The resources needed to convert our infrastructure to alternative energy sources will use more resources than the earth holds. Instead of focusing on how to save civilization, they believe we should concentrate on how to stop the rapid extinction event we’ve set into motion and learn to live within the limits of the biosphere. Tune in Monday, November 20 at 9am for an engaging interview about climate change, resources management, and the prognosis for life on earth.