“Yesterday’s Dead Today”, Monday, March 8th, 7-9pm Eastern

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“It is said that, if you lined up all those who have ever been to a Grateful Dead concert head-to-toe, the line would stretch around the moon, and about halfway back. And nobody would complain!”

Phil Lesh & Friends
Langerado Music Festival,, Big Cypress, FL
March 9, 2008
DAUD: Milab VM-44 Link > Lunatec V2 > Korg MR-1000
fob, center rail, 8’ stand

Real nice aud! clear lyrics and solid separation of instruments. And the jams are
monumental, and China > Rider is monstrous!

Set 1 – Disc 1:
1. tuning
2. Sugar Magnolia >
3. The Wheel tease >
4. Uncle John’s Band >
5. The Wheel >
6. Cumberland Blues
7. Gone Wanderin’ >
8. Cumberland Blues (reprise)
9. Help On The Way >
10. Slipknot! >
11. Franklin’s Tower

Set 2 – Disc 2:
1. China Cat Sunflower >
2. I Know You Rider >
3. New Speedway Boogie >
4. A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

Disc 3 – Set 2 cont’d.:
1. Unbroken Chain >
2. Telstar * (Phil/Molo/Molitz) >
3. The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion >
4. Viola Lee Blues
5. Donor Rap / Band Intros

6. Casey Jones

* 1st time played

Phil Lesh – bass, vocals
Jackie Greene – guitar, vocals
Larry Campbell – guitar, vocals
Steve Molitz – keyboards, vocals
John Molo – drums

Three recordings, but comments to only one other than this. I feel this is by far the
best recording, though:
REVIEW: Great show!
The whole show was really great except for the trip into outerspace. That really
went on for far too long. Viola Lee and Golden Road were great. The Headcount
movie in between sets was not bad at all. I really pisses me off that people in jam
band community are so passive about voting/politics. Once again Phil and Friends
delivers the good. Well I wasn’t at Langerado for the full 4 days as many people
were, but I was luck enough to be there Sunday to see Gov’t Mule and of course
Phil. I was awestruck from the moment the lights went down. Jackie Green tore it
up on guitar, especially in the second set during Golden Road and Viola Lee
Blues. And when they broke into Unbroken Chain, I about fell over.
FANTASTIC! The crowd energy was a little subdued, probably just from sheer
exhaustion. I think my only disappointment was that I expected Phil to invite
some “special guests”. Warren Haynes for one. Unfortunately that never came to
fruition. Still the show was amazing from start to finish. Every song was tight.
The band appeared to be enjoying themselves. I also liked the fact that no matter
where I was in the crowd, I was always in the Phil Zone.

REVIEW: Good jams, flat vocals
Id love to see this band adda really good vocalist. The jams are good and Phils
playing is second to none. His vocals just take me out of the game so much
though-hes just flat- it doesnt sound good its just too much.

REVIEW: New vocalist?
This is Phil Lesh & Friends. You expect amazing vocals? Which Phil Lesh have
you been listening to sing all these years? Besides, this band has been RIPPING
IT UP since September! This is a great performance and a very solid recording.
Jackie Green is an incredibly talented breath of fresh air and if you don’t think so,
go and listen to the Nokia run that’s also on this site. Just listen 🙂

REVIEW: Phils Voice
I think Phils voice has gotten better this past year, and who cares Its F##kin Phil
Im just glad he,s out there at 68 years old and still rippin shit up. If you want killer
vocals go see Van Halen.

REVIEW: Jackie Greene ok???
Jackie can run circles around lil bobby weir, not to mention his voice-he sings in
the same key as Jerry, whats not to like about the guy. Obv. you have not taken the
time to see him live. It seems like all the guys are in a groove. I havent seen a
band have so much fun on stage. I saw the 10-13-08 in VA and they didnt even
leave the stage for set break or for the encore. And you have to love the pool of
songs that the setlist have been pulling from-some really solid classic.

REVIEW: Phil N Phrends sound better than ever
I thought the lineup with Warren Haynes and Jimmy Herring could not be topped
from early 2000, but this band Phil has now is unreal. The Dylan tune, “Hard Rain
is Gonna Fall” is great along with all the others!!! Rock On Phil!

If you listen to nothing else, listen to the Viola Lee Blues. I have never heard it
played better ever ever anywhere. This line up is SMOKIN folks. I was at the Red
Rocks show last Sept. and they rocked so hard there – same line up. At Langerado
Phil’s was the last show and I was dead on my feet after 4 days of camping in cow
shit in horrible weather of every sort (except snow and ice). We all were. We
didn’t deserve a second encore cuz we were too wiped to call for one. Yet the
musicianship and power and energy of this show was just unreal. This line up has
jelled as a band to the extent that I just can’t imagine they could have played any

REVIEW: Incredible show
These guys keep it up they are going to make a legacy of their own…never mind
just attempting to preach back moments from the Dead. Incredible sound and one
hell of a show. Can’t get enough of Phil these days.

REVIEW: Ants in my pants and I gots to dance…
Quality dismount to the cutting-edge fest that was Langerado 08… Im and old
man, and haven’t camped like that in many moons….Phil and Jackie really
delivered…. danced my ant=bitten caboose off!!!! God Bless whoever posted this
record… Nicely executed….

REVIEW: whole set sick!
this show was so dope its by far the best phil show ive seen in recent years and yes
jackie green(e) fucking killed he is more than just a breath of fresh air this kid
sounds like he played with the dead 20 years ago and has been doing so ever
since. great harmonics great vocals certainly improved by phil too. the jackie song
on here, Just Wandering is absoloutly sick and you can hear the new melodic
sound of the band on the Wheel and Uncle Johns. i mean A Hard Rain’s Gonna
Fall are you kidding me it was so fucking sick cant wait for Bonnaroo!

REVIEW: Stomp in the swamp
Good times that night and good times now. Cumberland and New Speedway are
standouts for me. Enjoy it.