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The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 7/25/14

In the new edition of Dr. Mary's Monkey, author Edward Haslam (left) weaves a fantastic detective story linking an unsolved murder, CIA involvement in the Kennedy assassination, the AIDS epidemic, and increases in soft-tissue cancer. He will join Lew and Steve this week to fill us in on these and other revelations. Later in the show, Marcus Stanley, with Americans for Financial Reform, will explain the need for the 21th Century Glass-Steagall bill proposed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Stratosphere..july 30..9am to 10

Join Stratosphere for a chat with The Suncoast Skeptics regarding evolution and creationism. Later in the show Robert D. Brewer,MD,MSPH, Alchohol Program Leader, CDC, will discuss binge drinking and the impact alcohol has on health and productivity. Lots of science news and more.....

Harmonica Meltdown On The Blues Show With The Velvet Hammer

JULY 23, 2016 HOUR ONE:

You Messed Up - RJ Misho | Don't Come Cryin' To Me - Loretta James | You're So Fine - Gary Smith | Born In Louisiana - Harmonica Red | They  Don't Want Me To Rock - Mark Hummel | Alligator Alley - D.W.Gill | Eyesight To The Blind - Billy Branch |  If You Want Me To Love You - Ben Prestage | Helsinki Laundromat Blues - James Harman | Ain't Gonna Drink No Whiskey - Delta Swamp Rats |


Renaissance SRQ - The Dance of Liberty and Life

Join us on Thursday at 9am as we discuss liberty and life in order to get on hot pursuit of some of that happiness stuff we've been hearing us so much about.

First up, Gonzo and Steve will be speaking with Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie.  Already outside the box of our antiquated two-party system, Wyllie's got plenty more outside the box thinking where that comes from. This portion of the show could very well change the face of politics as we know it.

Next on "Indigenous In Music with Larry Knudsen" this Saturday 3 to 5, July 26th 2014 "Shawn Michael Perry"

Host Larry Knudsen welcomes back Shawn Michael Perry to Indigenous in Music this Saturday at 4:00 eastern time.  You can visit Michael and hear his music on the web at

Resources & new experiences

Did you know (if you hold a Sarasota or Manatee Public Library Card) that you can use the library at State College of Florida?

Have you ever served on a selection committee for a major national literature award?

Our guest this week (and next week), Ms. Alicia Long fills us in on these gems and more...

In addition to her work at SCF and on literature for young people, Alicia has also been an active member of REFORMA. We'll get to that on next week's program.

Join us Wednesday night around 6:25 PM or Friday morning around 8:55 AM for HAVE YOU HEARD?

Maternally Yours: Gun Safety

Join the Conversation tonight, Tuesday, July 22nd at 6pm ET as Ryan and Laura discuss gun safety. With over 1.5 million American children living in homes where firearms are left unsecured and loaded and an estimated 62 deaths and 660 hospital visits caused by accidental shootings each year, it's time to ask some tough questions about this lethal, yet politically accepted, epidemic.

RoadDogRuss on HotRodRock Tuesday 4-6pm EDT

Gonna bring in a pile of LPs and spin some sides for a couple hours.
We'll hear from Johnny Winter. Then move on to:
Freddie King 'Texas Cannonball'
John Mayall 'Empty Rooms'
John Lee Hooker 'Endless Boogie'
Matt Woods 'With Love From Brushy Mountain'
Point Blank 'Point Blank'
The Georgia Satellites 'Open All Night'
Witchfynde 'Give 'Em Hell'
Motörhead 'Rock 'N' Roll'
We'll finish with 'Johnny Winter And Live'

Florida Caribe, Tue., July 22, 9-10am

As the Obama administration flies the first child migrants back to Honduras, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer argues that sending them all back would be best, because there has always been "violence and poverty in Central America." Rush Limbaugh, meanwhile, is blaming "left-wing governments" in Central America for the crisis. 


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