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Join me Thursday, May 17 from 2-4 pm (that’s 8-10  pm Hamburg time) for my bon voyage show before I head to Europe for the summer. I am dedicating the show to my sweetie , Katharina, who I will meet soon in Germany. So…the theme is songs by and about Kates, Katharinas, etc.  I got […]

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Join me Thursday, Jan. 18 for the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. special.  Hear a variety of artists take on this great peacemaker.  Eclectricity airs from 2-4 pm and can be heard for two weeks on Archive.  Turn On; Tune In and don’t Drop Out….thanks, Ishmael

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I’ll be hosting this week from 2-4 pm on Thursday, Dec 7 .  The first hour will be the 4th Annual ‘Buddha’s Enlightenment’ show.  The actual date of his awakening under the Bodhi Tree is Dec. 8 and is called Rohatsu (8th day of the 12th month). The second hour will be songs related to […]

I’ll be telling the story of the Carter Family in word and song on this edition of Eclectricity.  It is an amazing story which is multi-generational and covers decades in their various incarnations.  You’ll learn about The Bristols Sessions; Border Radio and how Johnny Cash first heard June Carter singing.  Hope you can listen in […]

I’m back on the air  with some far out west tunes.   Thanks to everyone who donated during the Spring Fund Drive and to Susan Runyun for letting me host the next couple of shows.  Turn on (your radio or computer);  tune in (to Eclectricity on your community radio station) and you don’t have to […]

HI.  I’ll be doing my annual MLK/Civil Rights Special this Thursday, Jan 17 at our new time from 2-4pm.  In addition to the usual musical fun I have added some new info :  The Green Card and Julius Rosenwald who both figure into the civil rights history but are not well-known.  I didn’t know about […]

My annual Buddha’s Enlightenment Show…learn a little about Buddhism; hear a bunch of songs that are fun and catchy that use zen or buddhism or the like in their titles.  It’s not all serious.  Many bands you’ve never heard before.  It will be good to be back in the booth….thanks Susan Runyon for taking the […]

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