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Written by on Monday, September 24, 2018

It came from the garage! Well no this week’s show is from my music collection. Be featuring past and present garage bands. Some of it is pretty poppy , regardless it is a different sound from what I have been playing last couple shows. So for those looking for a new kind of kick, tune in.
Stuff that is turning my crank this week!
Herb’s Limestone Country Club (if you’ve never been you aint been)
Nat Langston of the Divebombers is having a birthday party!
Joe Bruno’s Dixieland Hot Dogs show on Oct. 5th
Arlington Parks Porch Fest Oct. 7th
Mommy’s Little Monster Mash (let’s party and support Mothers Helping Mothers)
-Oct 25th a screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show!
-Oct 31st is Halloween!
Some videos I have been watching this week