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Support LPFM 250 Proposal – Comment to FCC today.

Written by on Thursday, June 3, 2021

ATTN: FANS of COMMUNITY RADIO:  The FCC is considering a proposal that would increase wattage for many LPFM radio stations from 100 to 250 watts. This is a VERY EXCITING and UNEXPECTED OPPORTUNITY that would help our low power stations exponentially!

It is important for EVERYONE who cares about community broadcasting in the United States to file comments in support of Simple LPFM 250 as proposed in RM-11909.


  • Tell the FCC commissioners that you support a Simple LPFM 250 as proposed in RM-11909.
  • Let them know what LPFM or community station you enjoy on the FM dial (WSLR 96.5 and WBPV 100.1). Right now it looks like WBPV would be eligible for the upgrade; WSLR would not be based on our geographic location.
  • Tell them why local broadcasting is important to you, your community, our society. Discuss the opportunities it provides for populations underserved by mainstream media.
  • Discuss technical issues with the current 100 watts permitted by the FCC. This includes inability to get FM signal beyond a few miles from the transmitter site and difficulty receiving FM signal inside certain buildings within this limited range.
  • Discuss local populations that may be excluded by the low wattage.
  • Recognize the LPFM 250 power increase as solution for alleviating these issues.
  • Discuss benefits to the local population and to society as a whole if community radio stations were allowed to increase their power.
  • Encourage the FCC Commissioners to accept the LPFM 250 proposal.




To get to the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS) visit https://fcc.gov/ecfs/

At the top menu, click the link that reads “Submit a FILING”.

Fill in the “PROCEEDINGS” field with RM-11909.

Fill in your name, address and email address, it is mainly self-explanatory.

The filing type is “Comment”.

Skip fields with no asterisk (*)

Maintain decorum and stay professional. All comments will become public record.

Click.. click.. done!

Once submitted, the comments may take up to 48 business hours to show up in the ECFS system for review.