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The Surreal News 9-10 AM Friday 2-17-17

16 February 2017 Uncategorized

Among the more troubling emanations coming from the White House these days is the goal of dismantling the financial regulation and oversight bill known as Dodd-Frank. Those of us with memories surpassing insects may remember what happen the last time the financial sector was left to his own devices on  the “honor” system.  Bart Naylor (above) financial policy advocate for Public Citizen will join Steve and Lew  to tell us what will happen to “the forgotten men and women who will be forgotten no more” if those checks are eliminated.

Later, Andy Pelosi from the Campaign to Keep Guns off Campus  will talk about the disturbing trend in the Gunshine state to allow weapons everywhere including, colleges, police stations, courts, and other public places. What could go wrong with that?

On a local level, Kate Lowman from STOP  will call in to let us know how free free speech is in Sarasota when it is a comment on local development.  And joining us in the studio, Glen Gibellina will update us on the Manatee County Commission decision to allow Mosaic to expand its phosphate mining operation the county

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