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Author: Lew Lorini

This week, Lew interviews Eric Lynn (above) presumptive Democratic candidate for the 13th Congressional District of the US House of Representative currently occupied by Charlie Crist who is running for governor instead of reelection to this seat. The district Crist won last election has been gerrymandered in redistricted map draw by the governor to move […]

In spite of the COVID-19 epidemic dominating the media reports, not all the news is bad. For the first time in 13 years the legislature and the governor have decided to fully fund the Sadowski Trust for supporting affordable housing throughout the state. Speaking in a recorded interview, Jaimie Ross (above), CEO of the Florida […]

Donald Trump promised his supporters he was going to drain the swamp that he called Washington. Based on who he has appointed for his cabinet and other important posts in government, it is unclear what he was talking about. For instance, his second Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt, a longtime lobbyist for the oil […]

Ursula Perano (above), a reporter with the online news site Axios will join Steve and Lew this week to update us on what to expect from the post-acquittal Trump revenge tour. So far, his henchman Bill Barr who is also the Attorney General decided Roger Stone, Trump operative and ally, did not deserve any jail […]

Sometimes the good guys win one and last week was one of those times when the state agreed to purchase the nearly 5,800-acre Orange Hammock Ranch in Northport for — wait for it — conservation. Debi Osborne (above), Director of Land Protection for the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast will join Steve and Lew […]

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting the environment and human health recently discovered the disturbing contamination of all surface water, including drinking water, with chemicals that do not ever go away. Sydney Evans (above), one of the scientists at EWG who worked on this investigation is joining Steve and […]

In 2018, the passage of Amendment 4 that intended to restore the right to vote for more than a million former felons was reason for all fans of fairness and democracy to cheer. And cheer they did until others in the state reminded them why it took a constitutional amendment to basically be fair to […]

The Florida Legislature opened for business this week ready to take on a variety of issues including but not limited to: funding pay raises for teachers, allowing formers felons to use the vote residents decided they deserved, school safety, and gun control. State Rep. Margaret Good representing District 72 will join Steve and Lew to […]

Perhaps the most infuriating thing about our election process is the Electoral College that has permitted the will of the majority of citizens to be ignored in two of the past five elections. The first in the past 20 years selected George W. Bush in 2000 and cost thousands of Americans and tens of thousands […]

For the first show of the year and the decade, Joe Long (above) will be joining Steve and Lew to hash over some of the things that have happened and changed and what to expect in the coming year. One thing that is sure is we all will learn a lot about what is happening […]