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Author: Lew Lorini

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Continuing with election season coverage, Steve and Lew welcome State House candidate Liv Coleman (above) who is running to fill the District 73 seat. Coleman, a Democrat and  professor of political science at the University of Tampa,  hails from Minnesota  where she says she learned the value of service to others, as well as the […]

As somebody once noted, all politics is local.  Abiding by that truism, attorney Melton Little (above), Democratic candidate for the District 4 seat in the Manatee County Commission will join Lew and Bill Stoner this week to talk about his campaign  and the issues that are concerning (or should be concerning) Manatee County voters.

Midway through the compelling Senate hearing of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony about her allegation that  Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh tried to  rape  her,  Lew taped an interview with Jill Wine-Banks (above), former Watergate prosecutor, first female General Counsel  to the US Army, first female head of the American Bar Association, and regular commentator […]

As election season evolves it is important to continue to learn as much as possible about the candidates. This week, Margaret Good (above)  Democratic candidate for State House of Representatives District 72 seat will be joining Steve and Lew to talk about her brief record in the legislature and what she plans to accomplish when […]

Election season is upon us and it is important for all voters to learn as much as they can about all the candidates. Democratic candidate for US Representative, David Shapiro (above), is joining Steve and Lew to elaborate on his vision for what Congress should do to truly respond to the needs of the majority […]

Can it get any more  “surreal?” Whole books describing  the White House as “crazytown” and an anonymous senior staffer publishing an op-ed in the New York Times essentially corroborating the lunacy while lauding the misbegotten policies that have resulted from the chaos. Whew. But there is more. Natalie Martinez, a researcher for Media Matters for […]

Last week, the President upset with criticism of him and his administration revoked the security clearances of former CIA director John Brennan. Other former or retired intelligence officers and military officials protested the President’s capricious  and self-serving move. There are reasons why a former director of the CIA would still need to be kept in […]

Last Sunday’s Unite the Right commemorative rally in Washington DC was an epic fail for them and great victory for tolerance and peace everywhere. Lecia Brooks (above), Outreach Director at The  Southern Poverty Law Center  will join Steve and Lew this week to unpack the significance of that event. Does the weak attendance (fewer than […]

The photo above is from the Manatee-Sarasota Sierra Club website and depicts an idyllic setting of what much of Florida could still look like in 2050. However, as county officials continue to bend the restrictions of the long-term master plan know as 2050 plan to accommodate every Pat, Carlos, and Nathan developer, the more likely […]

While it is not a news flash that Donald Trump has little regard for the mainstream media and a free press in general, his latest complaints and criticisms have been downright despotic.  For the president to declare that the press is the enemy of the people is pretty bad, but then to label all news […]