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Author: Lew Lorini

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Joining Steve and Lew for the first show of the new year is one of our favorite guests,  Mel Goodman (above).  The author,  professor, former CIA analyst and whistleblower will offer insight and his unique perspective on a number of topics including, the departure of Defense Secretary John Mattis and his possible replacement, other State […]

Although Democratic candidate David Shapiro (above) came up short in his quest for the District 16 Congressional seat, he fought the good fight and more importantly started conversations that his opponent will need to respond to in the upcoming year. His campaign brought to the forefront important issues such as  health care, wage disparity, affordable […]

It has been one heck of the news week again. Too much to unpack in part of a show segment, so this week Steve (above left) and Lew (above right) will be commandeering the entire hour to report and discuss some of the events of the past week. Among the topics expected to be touched […]

Another bright spot of the midterm elections here in Florida, in addition to the passage of Amendment 4, was  Anna Eskamani’s  (above) victory in the race for State Representative for District 47, which happens to cover the greater Orlando area, and is a large part of the important I-4 corridor that most political pundits say […]

It will be science Friday on The Surreal News this week with Joe Long (above), a patent attorney with a computer background and avid interest in cutting edge science, joining Steve and Lew to talk about a variety of topics including but not limited to ionic wind drives, the real cyber threat to fair elections, […]

Perhaps the brightest light that shone in the Sunshine State this mid-term election was the passage of Amendment 4 which automatically restores voting rights to former felons who have completed their sentences, a change that potentially affects 1.4 million Floridians. Neil Volz (above right),  a member of the board of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition […]

A month ago, President Donald Trump announced that we (America) needed yet another military branch. We got the Army for the land, the Air Force for the sky, the Navy for the oceans, and the Marines for where the oceans and land meet, but one place was not covered and that is outer space, so […]

If you were not able to make the Andrew Gillum rally earlier this week you are in luck. Tune in to hear Steve’s recorded coverage of the event, complete with an excerpt of Gillum speech and comments from some in attendance. Later, author Daniel Estulin (above) will join Steve and Lew to talk about his […]

Instead of interviewing another candidate, this week, Steve and Lew we be speaking with an organization that is working to educate the electorate about many candidates and promote certain ideals. Floridians for a Fair Shake organizers, Mollie Saumier, Nancy Rose Spector and Willa Tinsley will be in the studio to talk about their work and […]

It is fund drive, and time to remind listeners to support WSLR and shows like The Surreal News that tell it like it is unencumbered by any corporate or special interest pressure who are beholden to no one but you the listener.  All media does not that freedom to be honest as this week’s guest […]