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The Surreal News 9-10 AM Friday 9-7-18

Written by on Thursday, September 6, 2018

Can it get any more  “surreal?” Whole books describing  the White House as “crazytown” and an anonymous senior staffer publishing an op-ed in the New York Times essentially corroborating the lunacy while lauding the misbegotten policies that have resulted from the chaos. Whew. But there is more. Natalie Martinez, a researcher for Media Matters for America, who specializes in watching how right-wingers are using Facebook and other social media to spread disinformation about a variety of topics will join Steve and Lew this week to tell us how and why. Last week, she learned that Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis was an administrator on a Facebook webpage that promoted conspiracy theories and dog-whistled the white supremacist agenda. I guess that “monkey” remark wasn’t  just a slip of the tongue after all. And apparently, the allegedly liberal-leaning tech giants, who have been accused of being biased by Trump and Alex Jones,  are making tons of money providing platforms for hate speech and lies.  I suppose with enemies like that, who needs friends?

So turn on (the radio), tune in (to The Surreal News) and drop in for more behind-the-scenes info about what is really happening in the asylum.