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The Surreal News 9-10 AM Friday 7-19-19

18 July 2019 General

Last week a collection of trolls left their homes under bridges around the country to participate in a so-called “social media summit” at the appropriately, though ironically, named White House. The meeting was purported to be addressing the serious and widespread problem of stifled conservation voices on social media platforms. No representatives of these egregious First Amendment denying companies were invited. Only an assortment of conspiracy-theorizing, grievance-spewing victims were there to shout their allegations unchallenged. In response, watchdog Media Matters for America editor-at-large Parker Molloy (above) co-wrote an analysis of the summit and the issue. She will join Steve and Lew to explain just what is upsetting the right-wing universe so much this time.

Listen to this week’s “Just thinking” here: