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“Yesterday’s Dead Today”, Monday, July 25th, 7-9pm Eastern

Written by on Sunday, July 24, 2022

I’ve seen thousands of reviews over the years, but this actually explains “A Deadhead”…
“REVIEW: stella
As a new fan of the Dead it was years before I realized the importance of the tears streaming down
the face of the girl beside me. She seemed to be having a religious experience. Now I know why”

Grateful Dead
Compton Terrace Amphitheatre, Tempe, AZ
July 25, 1982
AUD > ? > DAT > CD > EAC > WAV

Disc 1 – Set 1:
1. //Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleoo >
2. Franklin’s Tower >
3. CC Rider
4. Bird Song
5. El Paso
6. Candyman >
7. Lost Sailor >
8. Saint Of Circumstance >
9. Deal

Disc 2 – Set 2:
1. Scarlet Begonias >
2. Fire On The Mountain >
3. Samson & Delilah
4. Crazy Fingers >
5. Estimated Prophet >

Disc 3 – Set 2 con’d.:
1. Drums//>
2. Not Fade Away >
3. Black Peter >
4. Good Lovin’

5. Don’t Ease Me In

These are the only reviews from this particular recording:
REVIEW: Not quite as ..
good as the Ventura or especially Red Rocks performances of Crazy Fingers but still Tempe
was always a fun place; despite the airport behind the stage. I remember the first set to be
good, same with the year before. But the best second set at Tempe’s Compton Terrace was
1980.(Perhaps I’m biased since it was one of my last good masters I made.

REVIEW: Solid Show, Great Setlist
This is a terrific show that did not get a fair shake in the Compendium. While there is no
song that is a “Top Ten” material, they are well played and certainly well selected. If you
want a great representation of an ’82 show this is it. Sound is fine to good, easy to listen to.
This is a 4 star show for 82. Enjoy!!

from the forgetful singing on Half Step you can tell Jerry is a happy man on this day!!The
sound is great on this and really a jammin show-please check it out-this is why I listen to a
couple different shows on archive almost every night-every now and then you stumble across
a beauty that nobody has really talked up-enjoy this one:-))

These reviews are from other recordings:
REVIEW: Incomplete review
Honestly I’ve only heard franklins & sailor>saint.But those alone are worth 5 stars.Jerry
fumbles 3 verses on franklins but the instrumental him & brent do is amazing.

REVIEW: Love it
The boys were most certainly primed for this summer tour and this show does not disappoint.
Hot hot hot good sound great playing maybe a hiccup in crazy fingers but so what they just
started playing it.

So my first shows out west started 2 days later at Red Rocks – amazing! I met so many Heads
who had mobbed up from Tempe and had nothing but great things to say. Always loved
listening to this show on tape.

REVIEW: Southwestern Treat
This is a nice show with a solid set list. Among other tunes, love the Half-Step opener and
2nd half of 2nd set (excellent transition from Black Peter to Good Lovin. Boys were getting
geared up for a great East coast fall tour!

REVIEW: Blob Weird
I was actually shedding a tear during Lost Sailor for a recently departed friend and lo and
behold–Bobby comes out of nowhere with some line about freedom not comin’ easy and a 25
cent cup of coffee!! My tears were gone in a millisecond after hearing that one……Weir. Can’t
live with him, can’t live without him!! A true original.

REVIEW: Great Groove
Super fun stuff, especially dig the groovy pace of Samson!
82 was truly solid!

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