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“Yesterday’s Dead Today”, Monday, July 31st, 7-9pm Eastern

Written by on Sunday, July 30, 2023

I’ve seen thousands of reviews over the years, but this actually explains “A Deadhead”…
“REVIEW: stella
As a new fan of the Dead it was years before I realized the importance of the tears streaming down
the face of the girl beside me. She seemed to be having a religious experience. Now I know why”

Grateful Dead
Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, N.J.
July 31, 1973
Aud MC > DAT > CD > EAC > SHN
Recorded by Jerry Moore with AKG 1000 mic > Sony 110 deck, TDK C-120SD master cassettes

Buddy Larry and I were there for Jerry’s birthday, the next night, midway into the stands down
the left-center line. The Band opened both nights. For the heckovit, I checked Sugarmegs and,
sure enough, you can go to:
http://tela.sugarmegs.org/alpha/t.html , scroll down to “TheBand”, and download full
soundboards in mp3 in literally seconds. The setlist too.

Here is a long article on the prolific Jerry Moore, taper extraordinaire of some of the finest
recordings, and the first editor of “Relix” magazine:

Relix Co-Founder Jerry Moore: 1953-2009

Disc 1 – Set 1:
1. crowd & Phil
2. Ramble On Rose
3. Me And My Uncle
4. Don’t Ease Me In
5. Beat It On Down The Line
6. Brown Eyed Women
7. Mexicali Blues
8. Loser
9. Jack Straw
10. They Love Each Other
11. Looks Like Rain
12. Tennessee Jed

Disc 2 – Set 2:
1. crowd
2. El Paso
3. Row Jimmy
4. crowd
5. Playin’ In The Band

Set 2:
6. crowd, Happy Birthday To Jerry
7. China Cat Sunflower >
8. I Know You Rider
9. Promised Land >
10. Bertha >
11. Greatest Story Ever Told

Disc 3 – Set 2 cont’d.:
1. crowd
2. Black Peter
3. Big River
4. Loose Lucy
5. Me And Bobby McGee
6. Truckin >
7. Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad
8. Johnny B. Goode

REVIEW: Joisy City Magic
A short drive from my parents house in Queens to Roosevelt Stadium. Saw the boys every time
they played there. This show and the next night were two of the best shows I have had the
pleasure of going too. Wonderfully strange things going on up front. I have had 8/1/73 for some
time now. No matter this AUD is fuckin’ beautiful. Lets not forget The Band who opened both
shows. Would love to hear that tape. Living in NYC in the early 70s was pur bliss for any Dead
Head. Ahh to be 20 again. Thanks archive, Thanks Jerry M. Your passion and talent remains.

REVIEW: Thanks Jerry M & Jerry G
Thanks Jerry M for the FINE AUD & Thanks Jerry G for the kick-a$$ show. This is an
outstanding AUD recording of an outstanding show. Lots of good tunes played really well. It is
hard to believe this AUD is from ’73 (35 years old today!!). Well Happy Birthday.

REVIEW: Hot Keys!!
Not bad sound quality, this show is worth checkin out if only for the Black Peter.

REVIEW: One of the best 1973 PITB’s
They take the PITB to unusual places for 1973, including a righteous “tiger” peak. While the
recording contains crowd noise, there’s a presence and immediacy that’s missing from a lot of the
boards from this year.

REVIEW: Great Crowd!!!
I love hearing the crowd and the overall sound is good. It’s a very LIVE performance.

REVIEW: What a great set on the Day I was Born
This is the day I was born and in the Beginning the whole crowd is singing Happy Birthday now
that pretty cool for a Deadhead

REVIEW: Happy Birthday Jerry!
The most smokin’ Loose Lucy I’ve heard. And China-Rider is mindblowing also. Jerry was
partying hard on his Bday.

REVIEW: Cowboy Songs
Great Recording. I love cowboy songs! Sorry to here of Jerry Moore’s passing. Thank you Jerry. RIP.

REVIEW: Jersey Gem
This is an excellent show from a great year in the band’s history. The energy from the sick Playin’
closer in the first set carries over and builds through the second with one great tune after another.
Also sad to hear about Jerry Moore, but this show and his other great recordings are part of his
legacy and will be enjoyed by countless others in the years to come. Fare thee well Jerry!

REVIEW: swirling
This Bertha brought tears to my eyes. You can see/hear the music rippling across the audience,
various individuals screaming as they get seared. While I could only echo previous posts re:
musical caliber of this Big Bouncing show, I will say that I’ve never heard another recording that
so completely captures the mutual swelling of audience and band, Blazing Together. Precious Sound.

“Today’s Dead Tomorrow”, Upcoming Gig Events
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