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“Yesterday’s Dead Today”, Monday, March 21st, 7-9pm Eastern

Written by on Sunday, March 20, 2022

I’ve seen thousands of reviews over the years, but this first one actually
explains “A Deadhead”…
“REVIEW: stella
As a new fan of the Dead it was years before I realized the importance of the
tears streaming down the face of the girl beside me. She seemed have a
religious experience. Now I know why”

Grateful Dead
Richfield Coliseum, Richfield,OH

March 21, 1994
Thanks to johnathan miller for shn seed discs.

I chose this evening because it was performed and recorded with modern-day
technology, playing a setlist with varying degrees of thirty years practice!
Disc 1- Set 1
1. tune up
2. Greatest Story Ever Told >
3. Bertha
4. The Same Thing
5. Peggy-O
6. Queen Jane Approximately
7. West L.A. Fadeaway
8. Eternity
9. Tennessee Jed

Disc 2 – Set 2
1. Picasso Moon
2. New Speedway Boogie
3. Victim Or The Crime >
4. He’s Gone >
5. Jam >
6. Drums >

Disc 3- Set 2 (cont’d)
1. Space >
2. Turn On Your Lovelight >
3. Stella Blue >
4. Turn On Your Lovelight >

5. Liberty (fob source)

REVIEW: Stella!!!!!
For the Stella Blue alone. Vocally one of the best Jerry ever sang, with
heart-wrenching moans at the end.

And the whole show, while not looking great on paper, is really well played. A
nice jam out of He’s Gone has lots of teases, and hints at the summer bustout
of Matilda.

REVIEW: Lovelight sandwich
Deadbase called this show the last true grateful dead performance. Lovelight is
scorching and stella is fantastic. I still believe this version of stella is better
than the one played on Jerry’s B-Day a few months later. The show itself has
plenty of bumps and bruises but you will not be dissapointed.

REVIEW: lovelight>stella>lovelight
Five stars for the lovelight>stella>lovelight. It’s a personal favorite GD
moment. I thought it would have made a great track on the So Many Roads
box set, or maybe filler for a 90’s Dick’s Pick.

REVIEW: It was as good as it sounds
I happen to escape from my dreary college dorm to attend this unreal show at
Richfield. We thought the He’s Gone was unreal…Jerry in full emotional, big
throated roar…but the Stella took the cake, with the sandwich and all. I can
still see him reared back on his heels screaming Stella Blue…writing this send
tingles throughout my body. What a moment! One of the best concert
experiences I will ever have.

REVIEW: Sweetness in History
Very sick show…Jerry sounds good for a 94’er…excellent bertha, queen jane,
and peggy-o…a must get…peace

REVIEW: Best of Mid ’90’s
Good overall show with no real clunkers other then the transition between
Greatest>Bertha. Jerry’s guitar sounds solid and his voice is very emotional
especially on He’s Gone & Stella. The mix is sometimes frustrating. The bass
is low and the high hats are almost non existent.

REVIEW: Very nice
Sound is super. Jerry’s voice is right on. He’s gone and Stella are proof of that

REVIEW: stella
Ok boys dont be so hard on the Captain. You gotta admit Stella is fantastic,
the playing is tight thoughout, and the recording is crisp. Y’all expect every
show to be a “77 Cornell”.

REVIEW: I Know that some shows…..
get more stars just because the reviewer attended it. This one may a 3 star
show in the grand sheme of the Dead, but sometimes I think consideration
must be made to when the show occurred. Very few would likely say that the
last few years of the Grateful Dead’s shows were up to the bar that years past
set. I only saw them 6 times (between ’92 and ’94) and had great times at each
of them so they all get at least a star added for that. This one, however, seemed
more playful, experimental, and spirited than any of the others that I saw. I
think Jerry nails most if not all of the words to and upbeat Bertha. Tennesse
Jed closes a solid first set that also included highlights of Queen Jane and
West L.A. Fadeaway (which I was so proud to have called upon the first
couple of notes). The second set featured a fun New Speedway, in which Jerry
got most of the words, and a great He’s Gone which sequed into a passage that
was originally listed as a Liberty Jam on the 1st gen AUD a friend gave me
shortly after the show. The undisputed pinnacle of the show came between
two instances of Lovelight. The Stella Blue, despite the bickering below, is
superb. Whether it’s superb because Jerry pulled it together for a brief moment
in 1994 or because he was just doing what he always has done, it was truly
superb. If you were there it brought tears to your eyes and chills down your
spine. The crescendo should remind us all that, beyond any talent that Garcia
revealed, it is his soul and spirit that we all feed off of, and he openly shares
both of those here. The Liberty encore was fun too.

REVIEW: No way this is a 5, but not a 1 either
Acoustic Jer all through the second set is nice and there are some high points
call them vestigial remnants of this great monster – He’s gone is wonderful.
Quality is superb. Just precious little chi when compared with a million other
shows – I got my one and only ’94 out of the way.

REVIEW: Best vocal Stella of all time?
Maybe not the best, but one of the most emotional vocal stellas ever.
Definitely the most emotional one in the vinnie era, which is actually saying a
lot. Beats Shoreline, Boston, and Detroit 94 hands down. The “Nothing comes
for free” line is an all time, all world, Garcia scream. They’ve been playing this
song, probably the song of songs to him, for more than 20 years before this
show and never, ever, does he sing that line with as much power. I am talking
about vocals here people, not instrumentals. Good show.

REVIEW: Stella Blue
Of the 80 to 90 Dead shows I saw between 87 and 95, this is probably the one
I wish I could have been at the most that I didn’t make it to. Hearing that Stella
just gives me chills every time…WOW, that is pure soul pouring out of the

REVIEW: Richfiels Rocks!!
This was a fine, fine show. The Acoustics inside Richfield are like no other
venue I have ever been too. And there no crowd better than Cleveland!! There
was not a dry eye in the place(including the band) during Stella. I still get a
tear everytime I hear it. I give it a five for the time period and becouse its one
of my favorites that I personally saw. If you get confused…..

REVIEW: 3-21-94
This is one of the last great performance by Jerry. There were some good ones
after this but even so it’s hit and miss. Sound quality is grate.

REVIEW: parking lot
It was a long day…my girlfriend and I sold many of you Heineken and
Moosehead for 2 bucks a piece, three for five…and when our five cases of beer
were sold out we went and spent every last damn dime and it was worth it!
Party favors galore…Concert was fantastic, a little wobbly…but maybe you
guys remember the cops and how they cleared the parking lot…I looked up
from my balloon and it looked like they were just sweeping a big broom to get
us out of there…we drove the three miles to some little dead head sanctuary on
a park or something and enjoyed ourselves further…miss those days.

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