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“Yesterday’s Dead Today”, Monday, March 22nd, 7-9pm Eastern

Written by on Sunday, March 21, 2021

On last week’s show I said “two one-set soundboards from consecutive years…but I forgot about this one!

Grateful Dead
Academy of Music, New York, NY
March 22, 1972
SBD > Master Reel > Apogee AD500 > Dat (48k)
All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller

Dave’s Picks 14 was 3/26/72. My first was 4/7/72…

A 3-3/4-hour monster!
Disc 1 – Set 1:
1. Greatest Story Ever Told
2. Deal
3. Mr. Charlie
4. Black Throated Wind
5. China Cat Sunflower >
6. I Know You Rider
7. Mexicali Blues
8. Tennessee Jed
9. Two Souls In Communion
10. Me And Bobby McGee
11. Lo//ser

Disc 2 – Set 1 cont’d.:
1. tuning
2. Big Boss Man
3. Jack Straw
4. //Big Railroad Blues
5. Looks Like Rain
6. Casey Jones

Set 2:
7. tuning
8. Me And My Uncle
9. Sugaree
10. Chinatown Shuffle
11. Playing In The Band *
12. It Hurts Me Too
13. Brown Eyed Women

Disc 3 – Set 2 cont’d.:
1. El Paso
2. Brokedown Palace
3. Sugar Magnolia > *
4. Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) > *
5. Uncle John’s Band *

6. One More Saturday Night

* Released on “Rockin’ The Rhein”(4/24/72 full concert):
A bonus CD that was distributed by Grateful Dead Records with with pre-ordered copies of the
Rockin’ The Rhein release. The material from the bonus CD was recorded live at the Academy of
Music shows in March, 1972. The CD was packaged in a blank, white paper CD envelope.

* Playing In The Band
* Sugar Magnolia
* Caution
* Jam
* Uncle John’s Band

Three recordings and very few reviews. Reviews from this recording:
REVIEW: Oh yeah, that’s the stuff
Mr. Miller, we salute you

REVIEW: grateful
Whoa, where did this come from…All of the sudden we have a sbd of this whole show! Once
again, thank you Charlie Miller. Caution>UJB

REVIEW: Last 2 minutes of “Caution”: what is that song?
It sounds so familiar, yet I cannot identify it. Does anyone know?

REVIEW: Pigpen
on harp with Jer on RR Blues! on organ with Keith on piano! as always, as Deadheads, we
listened through the noise (cassettes!). and there’s some transcendent moments here . especially
the jam leading to Uncle John’s.

This 7-night stand at the Academy of Music was long overshadowed by the monumental Europe
tour and the fact that, until a few years ago, was only available in barely listenable audience
recordings. Well, this is a wonderful show from a wonderful run of shows that prove to be a great
precursor to the epic Europe tour. The jam between CAUTION and UJB is some of the most
beautiful music the band has played and kind of reminds me a little of MOUNTAIN JAM meets
ZABRISKIE POINT. There are many other great highlights from this show, including gorgeous
versions of LOOKS LIKE RAIN and 2 SOULS played for only the 2nd time.

Review from another recording:
REVIEW: from a whisper to a scream
This show is another reason why one could be forgiven for considering 1972 as their peak. The
Wharf Rat alone contains everything from a whisper to scream: sheer marverlous dynamics. The
band as a whole was truly listening to each other other. Fantastic, brilliant performance:
wonderful recording.