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“Yesterday’s Dead Today”, Monday, November 23rd, 7-9pm Eastern

Written by on Sunday, November 22, 2020

“It is said that, if you lined up all those who have ever been to a Grateful Dead concert head-to-toe, the line would stretch around the moon, and about halfway back. And nobody would complain!”

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Grateful Dead
Capital Centrel, Landover, MD
November 23, 1978
(FOB) Sony ECM250 -> Cassette Master (Maxell UD-XLII)
Recorded By Joani Walker
All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller

Discussed somewhat is 11/24/78, Capital Passaic, Buddy Larry and I were there. About 15th row center.
One of the best!

Disc 1 – Set 1:
1. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo >
2. Franklin’s Tower >
3. New Minglewood Blues
4. Stagger Lee
5. Looks Like Rain
6. Tennessee Jed
7. Passenger
8. Brown Eyed Women
9. The Music Never Stopped

Disc 2 – Set 2:
1. Samson And Delilah
2. Friend Of The Devil
3. Dancing In The Street >
4. Terrapin Station >
5. Playing In The Band >
6. Drums >

Disc 3 – Set 2 cont’d.:
1. Space >
2. Ollin Arageed >
3. Shakedown Street >
4. Playing In The Band >
5. Around And Around

6. U.S. Blues

REVIEW: Another great one from the terrific trio
What a great recording of a neat later era Keith and Donna show. All of your favorites are included.
This is a strong canidate for the Sirius/XM Audience Master Series. Don’t hesitate to download/burn
this one. A real gem. Thanks Joani/Paul/Charlie for bringing this tasty morsel to our ears.

REVIEW: A big thanks
To Scrotten, Walker and Miller. This team has brought us some great shows.

REVIEW: nice and funky
being too young to actually catch GD, my first Dark Star Orchestra was this show (DSO played it
6/16/05 at the Tralf in Buffalo). They really get down in this one….breaking out all the dance favorites,
music, dancing, shakedown, etc. love this show

Any show that was remastered or retouched by CHARLIE MILLER is considered GOLD in my book.
He honors Dick Latvala very well indeed!!!

REVIEW: Pretty decent 78 show with some great moments
Best. Mississipi. Half-Step. Ever. Jerry’s solos are a study in musical beauty and splendor, with not
only the note sequence flowing like it was written out by a master composer, but every note itself
flowing with emotion. After Half-Step>Franklin’s, the first set kind of trudges for a while, but picks up
again with one of the better Tennessee Jed’s, a ripping Passenger, and a storming Music Never
Stopped. Second set is solid from beginning to end, although don’t expect any Shakedown jamming —
they transition right into a longish Playin’ reprise. Ollin Arrageed is a nice touch. Only downers are
Keith’s spotty playing (to put it mildly), Jerry’s cracking vocals, and Bob trying to learn slide guitar on
stage during Stagger Lee.

REVIEW: Tremendous show
I was at this show–went on the spur of the moment with a bunch of my high school friends, all home
from college for Thanksgiving, which is why tickets were available. One of my friends, himself a
pretty good guitar player but never a big Dead fan, to this day maintains that this was the greatest
performance by a guitarist he ever witnessed. I think it was that Mississippi Half-Step that hooked him.

REVIEW: Passenger don’t you hear me?
I always return to this Mississippi Uptown, quintessential Jerry. At first I kinda trashed this show on
account of Jerry’s voice being rough. But upon further consideration Jerry’s voice sounds a whole lot
worse early in the year and I can still enjoy those shows. And I’m always in the mood for a Passenger
and the one here is fucking great. Did they ever play a bad version of this song during this era?

REVIEW: Thanksgiving
Nobody mentioned that this was the ONLY show the Grateful Dead ever played on Thanksgiving.
Thought I’d bring it up since today (Thanksgiving, 2017), falls on November 23rd too.