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Author: James Hawkins

Howdy Folks!    I hope all is well with you on your end of the world?  Well it seems that by the Luck of the Draw the “Acoustic Waves Show” lands just before my favorite holiday ever, St Patty’s Day!  So the show will be focused on getting our GREEN up!    On this show […]

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Well Hello,      I hope all is well on your end of the world?  Things have been certifiably crazy around here.  I had to work through the last show, sorry.  I can’t wait till I retire!       On tap for this weeks show I have dipped into a pool of artist that […]

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

  Hey there Folks!    I hope you made it through the storm with little disruption to your life.  Have faith, it will work out!  I was supposed to have a show on the day Ian came to town but cooler heads prevailed and I stayed at home.  So tomorrow night show will be the […]

Monday, August 29, 2022

Howdy Kids!    Well I hope all is well with everyone out there?  The “Acoustic Waves Show’ rides again!  The kids are back at school and now it is time to settle into that daily drone of life until next summer.  As for me I would like it if somebody would please turn up the […]

HOWDY Kids!   I hope all is well on your end of the world?  This world is filled with stories. Stories of people doing great things as well as folks who didn’t.  On tonight’s show let’s tell some stories through song.  Some are plain and simple and some will make statements.  On tap for tonight’s […]

Howdy Folks!    I hope all is well on your end of the world?  I don’t need to tell anybody just how hot it is.  WOW, this a is crazy, but we do live in the tropics.  I saw that Mick Moloney passed away last week.  Mick was one of the best Irish singer/songwriters to […]

Howdy Kids!    I hope all is well on your end of the world?   This has been a crazy summer for me.  I got the “crud” right from the start and it hung onto me for a long while.  I am better now but OMG I am so glad that it is over!    So […]

HOWDY Kid’s    I hope all si well with everyone out there.  I’ve just gotta say the the weathers has been beautiful. You can’t ask for better.  If you are a regular listener to the Acoustic Waves Show you know that I have done my best to bring you some amazing Americana Music with every […]

Howdy,   I hope all is well with everyone out there.  I for one am getting rather tired of all this chilly weather and I’m looking forward to seeing it all just blow away on a tropical breeze!  Well, Apart from the music I have lined up, Andy McKee, Patty Larkin, Jackson Browne, Jennifer Kimball, […]

HOWDY Kids,    I hope all is well with everybody out there?  I hope your staying warm?  I haven’t seen it this cold since we had snow flurries, but that’s a tale for another time.  I have a nice set of music for everyone and a guest or two set to drop by the studio […]