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HOWDY, How are things on your end of the world? Good I hope!  I am so happy that the country has taken a step back from the edge.  I guess in the coming days, weeks we will see if the world starts to return to normal or not.  So I have decided to declare that […]

Howdy campers! Sorry for the laps in time but as it has been said many, many times before “Life just gets in the way”! Not much has happened around here except I have a little fall at work and now I’m at home nursing a concussion. OUCH! Well just after I was home putting ice […]

Howdy, I hope all is well on your end of the world? The world just keeps right on turning no matter what we do so I guess it’s best just to hang on and enjoy the ride. So I’m back with a bunch of very cool tunes. I’m gonna put together a set of music […]

Hey Kids! What’s happening? I hope all is well with everything on your end of the world. I was going to be returning to my job with the school board the first of August but now It got pushed back. I’m kind of glad because I’m more than a little nervous about getting this year […]

HOWDY Campers, Yes siree, it’s time again for yet another addition of the Acoustic Waves Show. Well how has it been for ya? The world has been more than just a little bit CRAZY! So I am soooooo looking forward to getting behind the Microphone to play some music all of you. This week’s show […]

Howdy Folks! It is great to be back and I am soooooo ready to start playing some great tunes for you. Things have been weird for all of us so let’s try to take our minds off it all. Whats coming up you may ask well how about some Bruce Cockburn, Peter case, the maybe […]

HOWDY Folks! I once heard someone say that the river of life runs swift so don’t waste time looking back just jump on in and start swimming. These days we are faced with crazy people of all sides and it just seems like everything keeps spinning out of control. Faith in ourselves and faith in […]

HOWDY Folks! I hope all is well with you? I have been working hard getting ready for the Will McLean Festival on March 13th – 15th. It is one of the best gatherings of Florida Songwriters. It happens but once a year and is well worth the effort to go. This weeks show will have […]

HOWDY, Hey folks! I hope everything is going well with you out there? Well I’m gonna be back this Wednesday night for yet another addition of the Acoustic Waves Show! This show I will be cleaning house because my playlist will be filled with songs that got pushed to the side from previous shows. I’ll […]

Well, well, well it’s getting closer by the day and I still have not done all my holiday shopping! First off I wanted to thank “Joe B” for stopping by the show on the 11th to sing some songs, share whats happening and to just talk. It was great. My next show will be on […]

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