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Behind the Mic: Fallon Markwell of ‘Microgroove’

Written by on Monday, July 8, 2024

How deep does Gen Z’s music knowledge go? Do they seek out the classics? Have they ever felt the joy of finding a pristine Rolling Stones vinyl elbow-deep in dusty milk crates at a neighbor’s estate sale? These are the questions Fallon Markwell asks herself as she prepares for her weekly show “Microgroove”.


Fallon Markwell of “Microgroove”

Airing Fridays from 9-11 p.m. on WSLR, Microgroove” aims to transcend generations, exposing listeners to funk, psychedelic rock, classic rock and much more.

“I wanted to bridge a gap of generations musically,” Markwell says. “I think young people know some of the classics, but maybe don’t have time to dig through discographies to find more from older artists that they like.”

Markwell looks to bring some choice selections of new artists to older generations, stating that streaming isn’t always accessible and that a lot of radio stations are repetitive, playing the same few hit songs. 

Microgroove airs Fridays from 9-11pm on WSLR



Markwell says she plays records often, paying homage to vinyl as a form of media with her logo. With this, Markwell also says vinyl is also not indicative of one specific genre. 

“I play music ranging from 60’s psychedelic and classic rock to Ethiopian jazz and Nigerian funk to Australian fuzzy, garage rock.”

A recent “Microgroove ” featured artists such as La Femme, Faust and Gong. That heavy emphasis on French psychedelic rock was inspired as Markwell was about to embark on a trip to Paris. She often chooses themes for her show based on events within her own life, music history and new music. 

In addition to Markwell’s eclectic radio mix, she also puts a big focus on up and coming local bands. “I wanted to shine a spotlight on local acts who are dedicated to their craft and are truly good at what they do.” 

Markwell interviewing members of Soft Cuff

Markwell says supporting local acts by attending live music events is very important to her. Some of her favorite local acts include Domino Pink, Liquid Pennies,and Soft Cuff, all of which have been interviewed on “Microgroove” in the past.

When asked about their experience on Microgroove, Domino Pink appreciated Markwell’s approach. “She asked all the right questions and did her research very well.” says Joshua Brining of Domino Pink. “We would definitely take the opportunity again if it was given.”

Markwell has always had a very sentimental connection to music and considers herself an audiophile. She says she got involved with community radio in honor of her brother. Markwell’s brother majored in Radio in college and she began to get involved with WSLR when he had been in poor health.

“He had end-stage liver failure and was not expected to survive without a transplant,” Markwell says. “I started volunteering with WSLR as a way to connect my passion for music with honoring my brother’s interests and respective passions.”

Markwell’s brother received that transplant about a month after she started volunteering and is in good health today.

When asked about how she discovered WSLR, Markwell says she feels like she’s known about WSLR and Fogartyville forever.“I always saw the stickers, heard people talk about how much they love it, and I work right down the road.”

Markwell is passionate about human rights and currently works as the Admin and Operations Coordinator at ALSO youth, an organization serving LGBTQ+ youth across Sarasota and Manatee County.

“My work has granted me a lot of opportunities to connect with leaders and community members. It has effectively inspired me to work for positive change,” Markwell says. “I love what I do, the people we serve and the community I’m part of.”

When asked about why sharing music with others is important to her, Markwell emphasizes the sense of connection and empathy that music brings. “Life can be really tough and I think music makes it a lot better. It lends our ability to relate to others and build meaningful relationships.”

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