Florida Voices for Health, then Gourmet Gardeners this Wednesday, April 21 at 9am on Peace & Justice

Written by on Monday, April 19, 2021

This Wednesday, April 21 at 9am, we’ll hear an update from Tallahassee by the News Service of Florida. Then our guest will be Scott Darius, the Executive Director of Florida Voices for Health. Scott will talk about why expanding Medicaid is so important and about the other health issues facing Florida. It is extremely difficult to qualify for Medicaid in Florida. You must make less than a third of the federal poverty level and have a dependent child. That’s about $7,000 a year for someone in a family of three. See if you’re currently eligible here.

Earth Day is this coming Thursday, April 22, and in honor of that our second guest will be Ian Wolinsky of the local Gourmet Gardeners. We’ll discuss how to grow organic veggies at home or on a balcony, and what veggies do best in the summer heat. Ian has an organic farm and is a master gardener who has been teaching and building community gardens in South Florida for more than a decade. He estimates that a simple 4-by-8-foot vegetable garden will produce $3,000 worth of food per year! Read some of his advice a newspaper story about him HERE.