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FOR THE PEOPLE – Wednesday May 27 at 9am on Peace & Justice

24 May 2020 General

This Wednesday, May 27 at 9am our guest was Dr. Dale P. Anderson. Dale prepared a presentation on House Resolution #1 (H.R. 1), the FOR THE PEOPLE Act. This resolution, passed by the House, is an omnibus bill to expand Americans’ access to the ballot box reduce the influence of big money in politics, and strengthen ethics rules for public servants.

See Dale’s brochure on the H.R. 1 HERE. See his slides on voter suppression and democracy degradation HERE. And watch the recent lecture he gave on that subject HERE.

Dale has been on our show before, and has presented locally on a number of subjects, including ‘The Rise of Kleptocracy’, ‘Is America Safe for Democracy?’, ‘A Scorecard for America’, and ‘How Fascism Works.’ We’ll have him back again to continue explaining H.R. 1.

If you missed our broadcast, you can hear it by going to and searching for Peace and Justice for May 27.