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“Yesterday’s Dead Today”, Monday, August 10th, 7-9pm Eastern

Written by on Sunday, August 9, 2020

“It is said that, if you lined up all those who have ever been to a Grateful Dead concert head-to-toe, the line would stretch around the moon, and about halfway back. And nobody would complain!”

WSLR is slowly coming back with a very sparse number of live studio programmers, albeit with very specific instructions as to how to protect both ourselves and our fellow WSLR volunteers.

Before my show, while technically “The Days Between” ended Sunday 8/9, MY “Days Between” is from last
Monday, 8/3, through tonight 8/10.

And I was enjoying listening to all sorts of Jerry last week, I totally forgot that last Monday was not only the
15th birthday of “Yesterday’s Dead Today”, but also the 15th anniversary of WSLR being on the air! That date,
too, was ALSO a Jerry Birthday concert, 1994! The only concdert i have ever broadcast twice. And I will be
forever proud that “Yesterday’s Dead Today” was the first live show!

So, many heartfelt thanks go out to all of you listeners who have made these past fifteen years possible for both
YDT and myself, and to have brought both WSLR and now Fogartyville and The Peacenter to where they are
today…one of the premier venues for live music in the greater area. And to all the volunteers both on and off the
air, as well as those behind the scenes in all forms in support.

And to all the musicians who have ever passed through the portals of WSLR+Fogartyville…all without whom
we would be nothing more than a bunch of people with a far-out stereo, CHEERS!

New Riders Of The Purple Sage
Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA

August 6, 1971

Sony Electret Condenser Mics-22 > Sony 770 portable
7″ reel-to-reel from 50′ back
Recorded by Harv Kaslow and Craig Todd

A fine audience recording, although Marmaduke is fairly background in many places. Instrumentation is just
fine, and Jerry is having a grand time!

Disc 1:

  1. Six Days On The Road
  2. Whatcha Gonna Do
  3. I Don’t Know You
  4. Down In The Boondocks
  5. Portland Woman
  6. Dirty Business
  7. Henry
  8. Sailin’

Disc 2:

  1. Glendale Train
  2. Working Man Blues
  3. Julie
  4. Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line
  5. Fair Chance To Know
  6. The Weight
  7. Louisiana Lady
  8. Last Lonely Eagle
  9. Sweet Lovin’ One
  10. Honky Tonk Women*


note: This version is the same as what has been circulating
but with the addition of the set closing Honky Tonk Women*
taken from an AUDMR>?>R source.

David Nelson – lead guitar, vocals
John Dawson – rhythm guitar, vocals
Jerry Garcia – pedal steel guitar
David Torbert – bass, vocals
Spencer Dryden – drums

First heard the New Riders from their 28April1971 opening slot for the Dead. Workingman’s Blues, Daddy add
as nice additions to the Dead’s electric set played after this performance.

REVIEW: A Fond Place In My Heart
This show has a permanent fond place in my heart. It was my 17th birthday and I was way jazzed to be spending
it with two of my favorite bands. What can I say? I had a great time! The recording is kind of a milestone too.
It’s one of the first truly “good” audience recordings and set the stage for many other tapers to raise the bar on
their technical expertise and the gear they were using. Before this, the only really good recordings were from the
board. The fact that Garcia is playing pedal steel with NRPS is a real plus here as well. I got to work with this
configuration of the band a couple times as an LD. Thanks a million for making this available! As I sit here
almost 38 years later, the night is still (well, kinda’) fresh in my mind. I think we went to Santa Monica and slept
off the sparklies on the beach for awhile before heading home.

REVIEW: Wonderful!
This is marvellous! Jerry’s steel work is so good, he just never stops with the fills and some wonderful solo’s
which bring audience applause. McDuke’s vocals on ‘The Weight’ are sheer bliss.

Delightful performance from the band, four stars here instead of five due to the scant vocals that are quite hard
to hear on the first couple of tracks; it picks up but never really evens out. Still, an essential companion piece to
your 8/6/71 Dead aud.

And, as time allows, since there is always an indeterminate time after tunes spent on tuning, etc., tunes not
played on 8/6:

New Riders of the Purple Sage
Berkeley Community Theater,, Berkeley, CA

sbd 1st gen cassette
, encoded & seeded to LL by Rob Berger

This recording does not reside in the Archive.
One Set:

  1. intro
  2. Hello Trouble
  3. Garden of Eden
  4. Down in the Boondocks
  5. Superman
  6. Working Man Blues
  7. Portland Woman
  8. Glendale Train
  9. Sailing
  10. The Bottle Let Me Down
  11. Louisiana Lady
  12. The Weight