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I’ve seen thousands of reviews over the years, but this actually explains “A Deadhead”…
“REVIEW: stella
As a new fan of the Dead it was years before I realized the importance of the tears streaming down
the face of the girl beside me. She seemed to be having a religious experience. Now I know why”

Grateful Dead
Silva Hall, Hult Center for the Performing Arts
Eugene, Oregon
August 29, 1983
Soundboard > PCM
This recording was gratefully supplied by PO and Stucco TINA Holmes.

Disc 1 – Set 1:
1. Shakedown Street
2. Minglewood Blues
3. Friend Of The Devil
4. Hell In A Bucket
5. Bird Song
6. It’s All Over Now
7. Might As Well

Set 2
8. China Cat Sunflower >
9. I Know You Rider

Disc 2 – Set 2 cont’d.:
1. Estimated Prophet >
2. Eyes Of The World >
3. Drums >
4. Space >
5. The Wheel >
6. The Other One >
7. Goin’ Down The Road, Feelin’ Bad >
8. Johnny B. Goode

9. U.S. Blues

The only review of this particula recording:
REVIEW: Big Sound, Small Hall
Strong Show,One Of The Best Of This Tour. The Guys Had It In Hyperdrive For This One.
Good Recording, I Believe An Upgrade To The Other Board Available.Must Be The Video
Tape. I’m An Optimist Thus A Five.

Reviews from of other recordings:
I recorded this show with a portable Aiwa stereo recorder and a stereo Aiwa mic on my hat. I
was up in the top balcony in the back. The theater was brand new and it sounded amazing up
there at the top, kind of like the unamplified quality you hear at the metropolitan opera house. I
recorded all three nights . And later on around 1992 when a young enthusiast copied all my
tapes and posted his list on an early GD tapers website hew received hundreds of request for
the Hult cCenter shows I had taped. I later used a sony D-5 and patched into various Mics and
got better quality recordings but very few people asked for any of those. The bass in the Hult
Center sounded amazing; tight and perfect and you can hear that quality on all the various
recordings from there.

These shows were very tough to get into. Had to put together stubs that were thrown out the
door in a cig pack. There wee many of us hanging out in the parking Garage attached to the
Theater. I was really lucky to even get into these shows. Yes great place to see the band.

REVIEW: I like this 1 best
This is nice all the way threw.These were fun shows on extremely fun tour great time of my life
being young and free. Hard to find tickets for these 3 shows

REVIEW: Ccat> Rider is basted
among other impressive action

REVIEW: goodness….
This show is noodle city. Just listen to the I blazing Eyes…WOW!

REVIEW: Energy?
This show is special in so many ways. The band was on tour playing 12,000-15,000 size arenas
so when the tour heads showed up at the Hult Center, many were shocked to find out that they
weren’t getting in with capacity around 2,500. The energy level was absolutely through the
roof. Don’t adjust the pitch to your tape or CD, the band is playing faster than I’ve ever heard
them. The version of “Might As Well” is done at “Deal” speed…..and check out after drums, No
Jerry ballad, the band couldn’t slow down that night.

REVIEW: The Hult… My time machine wish…
yea, I couldn’t imagine how much fun these shows would have been to be at in 1983 and
especially the 2 Hult Center 84 shows. its crazy thinking about it. An intimate night with the
Dead in a small cozy little venue when they were steam rollin’ big time. I Would love to read
some post’s from Heads who were there.
Good Times…

REVIEW: Yet Another…
…smokin’ early 80’s show from the boys. It’s pretty easy to tell from this recording that the band
was having a nice time.

REVIEW: aw dat stuff
I was there, all three nights. It was very special and the band played very well, particularly on
this first night. The china cat jam was outstanding with several nice peaks, bending the frenzied
crowd like a bow string, falling back, and regaining the momentum to peak again. The hall was
beautiful and the local mistro from the civic orchestra remarked to a local prankster/organizer
after listening to Jerry riff and peak “The Dead can use this hall so much more fully than we
can…” indicating that the tremendous dynamic control the Grateful Dead exhibited really filled
and stretched the capabilities of the acoustically wonderful Hult

REVIEW: T.M.N.T. (Master Shredder)
OMG- Jer just shredz thru the eyes. I think its the fastest eyes my ears have ever heard, WOW!!
Really good show, and a good setlist (in my opinion). Awesome China-Rider. I’m surprised that
Bill/mickey could keep up with Jerry and Phil. LIGHTNING SPEED!!!!!!!

REVIEW: Check my pulse!!
it just changed. I have to say I like it! Every song was really cookin’.The Other One is one of
the highlights here.

REVIEW: Happy Wake
Was there so many years ago when the Dead came high stepping into town. The Hult Center
was so bright, shiny and new. The Kesey clan stitch the rose velvet curtains with roses in honor
of their recently passed son Jed. ?? The Boys came to play

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