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“Yesterday’s Dead Today”, Monday, August 2nd, 7-9pm Eastern

Written by on Sunday, August 1, 2021

Grateful Dead
Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, N.J.
August 1, 1973
matrixed by Monte Barry
pitch correction and mastering by Monte Barry

While when I broadcast the Dead “from Today In History”, I decided to cheat by just one day for a
couple of reasons:
1. Yesterday would normally have been WSLR’s Annual “Very Merry Jerry Day”, but we moved it
to November due to the ever-increasingly
unpredictable Florida August Weather, and
2. August 1st is the birthday of WSLR! While we were broadcasting via computer for the last two
weeks in July, we had to be “live” within a certain window set by the FCC.
3. I just so happened to have received my FCC training the Wednesday before, and mused with
Station Manager Arlene Sweeting and co-founder Dave Beaton that, if I were board trained, I could
go live the following Monday…Jerry’s birthday, 8/1/2005. In a few minutes I was board trained, did a
quick 15-minute live set to say “what we were gonna be up to starting this coming Monday
evening…and therefore,
4. 8/1 is also the birthday of “Yesterday’s Dead Today”, and so I felt I needed to broadcast a Jerry
Day concert by Jerry himself.

After my buddy Dave and a couple of other friends saw the Dead and The Band the week before at
Watkins Glen(we had a box tent and decided we would leave if it stopped raining after The Band’s
set. It did, and we did),
we were VERY up for this evening.

And so we have a concert I attended on Jerry’s birthday with my buddy Larry, at a venue wherein we
attended many memorable concerts…

Disc 1 – Set 1:
1. Phil announcements
2. Promised Land
3. Sugaree
4. The Race Is On
5. You Ain’t Woman Enough
6. Bird Song
7. Mexicali Blues
8. They Love Each Other
9. Jack Straw
10. Stella Blue
11. Big River
12. Casey Jones

Set 2:
13. Around And Around
14. Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo

Disc 2 – Set 2 cont’d.:
1. Me And My Uncle
2. Row Jimmy
3. Dark Star >
4. El Paso >
5. Eyes Of The World >
6. Morning Dew

Disc 3 – Set 2 cont’d.:
1. Sugar Magnolia

2. Goin’ Down The Road, Feelin’ Bad >
3. One More Saturday Night

Many recordings, but very few reviews, and even less applicable here:
REVIEW: Great Dark Star for Jerry’s B’day
this has always been one of my favorite shows. I have had parts of it since the late 70’s. For a long
time, I only had the Dark Star>El Paso>Eyes >Dew, and am so happy to be able to get the whole
show now. To me this is one of the great Dark Stars of all time. The jam after the verse is spacy and
sweet, and the transition into El Paso is very smooth, and actually works very well. The Eyes is one
of those classic 20 minute ’73 versions with the Stronger than Dirt jam at the end, and the Dew is one
of the slowest I have heard. The rest of the show really rocks as well. The sound is very good as well,
especially considering that this is 1973. As an aside, the dark Star>El Paso jam is one that we would
often play in the hotel after shows as everyone was getting ready for bed and trying to crash out. This
was not because it is a boring jam, it is definitely not that, but the jam afetr the verse and into El
PAso is long and very spacey and is a perfect jam to get your mind to stop racing and relax, it
worked every time!!

REVIEW: Dark Star crashes…
This is one of my favorite Dark Stars — especially the ten minute jam before the verse, with lots of
creative, unique group improv. I read somewhere and agree that this version seems to incorporate a
bit of the Allmans’ approach to jamming (this show was 4 days after they shared a bill at Watkins
Glen). The transition into El Paso is well-done. Eyes and Morning Dew are long and very good, but
to me a bit loose and not on the level of the Dark Star.

REVIEW: Keith is the Man
In honor of his recent birthday and on top of his game–a mighty fine combo.

REVIEW: trippy dark star
keith is on fire, the whole band is too. a good bird song with some seriously hot guitar work in it.row
jimmy, dark star>el paso>eyes>dew.epic.very hot show.

REVIEW: My first Dead show…
… two months after graduating from Bergen Catholic High School. Seems like half my friends from
New Milford were there. I had been turned onto the Dead by Europe 72 — listening to that record
over and over, looking through the book that came with it, I knew I’d found my tribe. Trippin’ balls at
this show confirmed it. Five months later I moved to California by Amtrack, singing “Promised
Land” all the way. I now live in a little Santa Cruz Mountains community called Lompico, where
Jerry and his family had a cabin, and where he lost his finger.

REVIEW: My First Outdoor Show
This was a big change for me as I had never seen the dead outside! All of my other NY shows were
FE and Capitol Theater in Port Chester. Also, I was with a big group of people and that combined
with this early stadium setting I recall made it hard to really focus on the music. But being able to
stream it now I see that they played really well and it was a clearly a great show and the sound here is
super. Things I remember was that it was Jerry BD of course, that The Band played and there was the
rumor flying around that Dylan was there. I also remember fireworks were being shot from around
the ramparts of the stadium – which was an ancient structure from the Iron Age. What else? Oh, the
Dead was always great to NY audiences – they were well loved in NY and the love was clearly
reciprocal. I always felt like gee if this is how they play in NY it was off the hinges in CA. Now, I
have come to learn that the NY shows were simply super.

REVIEW: Birthday Show!!!
This is a very nice show. You can hear the energy and the love. That DarkStar>El>Eyes is friggin’

REVIEW: Amazing show
It was Jerry’s B-day and the band was definately feeling it. There are a couple of glitches early in the
show (but what show doesn’t?) and it clears up before you know it and starts to really sound good.
The second set is so amazing and beautiful.

What an incredible show from a classic time period. Jerry tears it up on his b-day.

REVIEW: Jerry’s birthday!
WOW! Damn, Jerry is sizzling on his birthday in 1973. The whole show is excellent…The highlight
for me is Row Jimmy > Dew. Jerry is in control and the boys follow. I love this show…Thanks to all
those who made it available.

REVIEW: Was at the show
I was 16 at the time and my brother brought me with some of his college buddies to this show.
Roosevelt Stadium was a fun place to see a concert. So far this is every bit as good as I remembered
it to be. The Band was great on this night too even though they hadn’t played much that year.

You get the picture…

“Today’s Dead Tomorrow”, Upcoming Gig Events
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