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Abortion consent and ex-felon voting on Peace & Justice Weds. Sept 16 at 9am

Written by on Sunday, September 13, 2020

This Wednesday our first guest will be Amy Weintraub from Progress Florida on the new requirement in Florida for parental consent for abortion.

Florida law requires a parent to give permission if a young person under 18 years old is trying to get an abortion. Most young people talk to their parents when they need an abortion – but some can’t, for their own safety; and others simply don’t want to disappoint their parents. If you can’t get your parent’s permission or are unable to ask your parents, you can get an abortion with no parent involved if you go to court and are granted a “judicial bypass”. This is a waiver from a court that will allow you to go ahead with an abortion without your parents being involved. 

Click HERE for Progress Florida’s website offering minors all the info they need to approach the court for a bypass to the parental consent law.

Click HERE if you’re an attorney willing to be trained as a volunteer to help teens through the judicial bypass process.


Our second guest will be Cecile Scoon, 1st VP of League of Women Voters of Florida talking about the way the League is helping returning citizens register to vote through sentence reduction.

Questions? Please call the League of Women Voters of Florida at (407) 710-5496 or email info@lwvfl.org https://www.lwvfl.org.

Cecile writes: “In the past, I  have helped about 10 returning citizens check their records and the time it takes is about .5 -3 hours per person. Two of the ten I saw that their felonies were either dismissed or plead down to a misdemeanor so they could vote right away. Others will need a court pleading and that could take 3-10 hours per person depending upon the situation.”