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From WSLR 96.5 LPFM, this is the Critical Times. I’m Giulia Heyward. For the next half-hour, we’ll be exploring local politics and grassroots activism–all happening in your backyard. This week, Representative Margaret Good has announced a “stormwater project” to address red tide and herbicide in the area. The Critical Times spoke with partner, Sean Patton […]

In the wake of red tide and increased attention on sustainability efforts in the state, representative Margaret Good has responded. Project Stormwater, developed with owner of Stocking Savvy LLC, Sean Patton, will address concern over sustainable practices to protect Florida’s ecosystem. “[It] will fundamentally change the way we develop in Florida,” Patton says. “[It] is […]

Phosphate mining could have longstanding negative consequences in the environment and ecosystem in Manasota–and its neighboring counties, Sarasota and Charlotte. An upcoming Hot Topics Luncheon with the League of Women Voters will addresss this issue. Glenn Compton, Chairman of Manasota 88, an environmental group that oversees phosphate mining in the area, spoke to the Critical […]

Glenn Compton is the Chairman of Manasota 88, a nonprofit environmental organization in SM.. Compton spoke to the Critical Times about phosphate mining activity locally, and what the repercussions of this activity will have on our environment. FL Gov. Ron DeSantis has called to remove the Common Core curriculum state-wide. The Critical Times investigates how […]

ASALH Manasota President James B. Stewart spoke to the Critical Times about their plans for Black History Month. This year’s theme is black migration. Stewart spoke on the importance of community conversation concerning Black History, which he dubs as being American History. With an upcoming conversation of black migration, ASALH wants to remain a permanent […]

The 4th annual Black History Month at New College of Florida is on a mission: to engage the local community to take part. The Critical Times spoke to planning committee member, and student, Mary Robertson on the events planned for this year and how academic institutions can be a source of change in their surrounding […]

Cathy Antunes and JIm Lampl recap the latest news of what’s going on in Sarasota. From local policy to activism to Lido Pavilion, a new development plan for a bay front property, known as The Bay, and much more! The duo brush their audiences up on important issues in this community. Want more of The […]

Conflict over the controversial leadership of Venezuelan leader, Nicolas Maduro, has dominated headlines across the world. This international story found its way locally to Sarasota in a protest that was held in solidarity of his leadership by ANSWER Suncoast. The Critical Times spoke to the organization about their motivation to take this demonstration to the […]

From WSLR 96.5 LP FM, this is the Critical Times. This week, national news about Venezuelan leadership made its way to the state as protests in solidarity with Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro–we speak to ANSWER Suncoast on a rally in Sarasota. STOP! is a civic organization that wants to push for more citizen approval in […]

Kate Lowman is on the Steering Committee of STOP, a civic group that aims to increase citizen approval in local government measures in the Sarasota area. She spoke to the Critical Times on their upcoming event on Monday, Feb. 4 at the next City Commission Meeting. e This is a full length interview of a […]

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