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The Surreal News 9-10 AM Friday 10-18-19

Written by on Thursday, October 17, 2019

The people spoke loud and clear in the 2018 election when about 65 percent of the Florida electorate instructed the government to reinstate voting rights to about 1.5 million Floridians who had committed a felony and completed their sentences. Amendment 4, as it was named on the ballot, was necessary to correct the egregious injustice the state had perpetrated for decades against those citizens by effectively denying them the right to vote for the rest their lives. But the powers that be, who seem to fear the judgement of the people, are trying to adulterate the strength of this change to the Constitution with thinly-veiled partisan legislation. Patricia Brigham (above), is President of the Florida League of Women Voters and will join Steve and Lew to talk about the civil lawsuit the League and others have brought against the state challenging the limiting legislation as well as other projects the League is pursuing.

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