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“Yesterday’s Dead Today”, Monday, December 21st, 7-9pm Eastern

Written by on Sunday, December 20, 2020

Grateful Dead
The Summit, Houston, Texas
December 21, 1978
AUD > MC > ? > D > CD > EAC > SHN

The only recording that circulates, blown lyrics, warts and all. And just a couple of times chatting in the
left channel pops up, but not too bad. Muffled slightly, but I should be able to open it up once the music

Disc 1 – Set 1:
1. //Jack Straw
2. Dire Wolf
3. Cassidy
4. Stagger Lee
5. Mama Tried >
6. Mexicali Blues
7. Friend Of The Devil
8. It’s All Over Now//
9. Brown Eyed Women
10. Passenger
11. Peggy-O
12. The Music Never Stopped

Disc 2 – Set 2:
1. I Need A Miracle >
2. Bertha >
3. Good Lovin’
(missing From The Heart Of Me)
4. Terrapin Station
5. Playin’ In The Band% >
6. Drums >
7. Jam >
8. Black Peter >
9. Playin’ In The Band//
(missing Sugar Magnolia)

10. U.S. Blues

Recording a bit fuzzy, and feels back-of-the-room distant. Jerry seems to flub the first line of both sung
verses. Mid to end of the break, you cant hear him solo at all. Terrapin, far better sound, vocal and
instruments clear. 13:23, a long one…but no great inspiration in the transition to Playin’.

REVIEW: Black Peter!
A boomy aud with some unfortunate cuts and splices but it’s all we have for this show apparently, and
let’s be thankful for it. I like every show from November of 78 but with the exception of 12/12 the
December shows prior to this one have left me cold (I’m listening in chronological order). There’ve been
moments of course but this is the first one to really perk up my ears and get me seriously boogieing.
Jerry just sounds way more into it than he has. If nothing else, have a listen to Black Peter as you’re
passing through. Jerry plays _and_ sings the living shit out of it. Great stuff. And as always with these
auds, a little EQ really helps.

REVIEW: U.S. Blues ?
acording to DeadBase X (and DeadBase on line), there was no encore for this show ++++ there was a
Sugar Mag to close 2nd set—-can anyone confirm this ? Also recording is kinda lacking, but once again,
it is the only one

REVIEW: early christmas present
Jerry seems to be on here. The Black Peter as mentioned sounds special. Us Blues is shouted out by
Jerry. Good jams on PITB and some nice songs like Dire Wolf, Stagger Lee and Passenger round out a
nice show. Nice BEW too. Sound is booming and distant but I got used to it enough to enjoy.

REVIEW: Oh my God are you f^©&in’ kidding me?!
Jerry is so freaking ON for the first set it’s out of control. The recording is cloudy but warm; get used to
it, dude: it’ll only take a couple of songs! The BEST EVER Friend of the Devil, terrific Stagger Lee. And
everything else. The band is utterly on fire. Undoubtedly my favorite show of ’78.

REVIEW: block rocker black peter
had to turn down the sound phil was trying to blow up my bass speakers this decade about over and this
darkness got to give.