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“Yesterday’s Dead Today”, Monday, December 5th, 7-9pm Eastern

Written by on Sunday, December 4, 2022

I’ve seen thousands of reviews over the years, but this actually explains “A Deadhead”…
“REVIEW: stella
As a new fan of the Dead it was years before I realized the importance of the tears streaming down
the face of the girl beside me. She seemed to be having a religious experience. Now I know why”

Grateful Dead
Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, IN
December 5, 1981
SBD > Cassette Master > Cassette
All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller

Disc 1 – Set 1:
1. tuning
2. Alabama Getaway >
3. Promised Land
4. Friend Of The Devil >
5. C C Rider
6. Cumberland Blues >
7. El Paso
8. Ramble On Rose
9. Passenger
10. Bird Song >
11. Let It Grow

Disc 2 – Set 2:
1. Shakedown Street >
2. Lost Sailor >
3. Saint Of Circumstance
4. Big Railroad Blues
5. Playing In The Band >
6. Drums >

Disc 3 – Set 2 cont’d.:
1. Space >
2. The Wheel >
3. Playing In The Band >
4. Stella Blue >
5. Sugar Magnolia

6. One More Saturday Night

Patch Info:
(FOB) Sennheiser 421 > Cassette Master > Dat (shnid=80290) supplies:
Ramble On Rose (complete track)

REVIEW: our hands were broken from clapping !
ok, you know those few shows dear to your heart, where the entire show was so otherwordly and
your mind was so amazed at what was going on, you wondered how music could be so beautiful
and you felt you wanted to tell everyone on the entire planet of what was goin on here
?!!!?!!!?….yeah, I was dosed for this show, but same with 200 others, and I tell you there was
something amazing happening….we were at the most intense and hottest spot on the entire earth
at that moment without a doubt….everyone around me that I didnt know was in agreement, by the
jaw dropping I saw everywhere, that THIS WAS ONE OF THOSE MAGIC SHOWS…they came
out blazing when PHIL had to “shoot down” the security guards with his guitar for trying to not
let us dance!! The drums/space was so scary and intenese, with the most beautiful seguway into
the wheel…. I mean even the “dumb boring songs that night were ON….

No words can cover how over the top hot this is. Cannot believe I have never heard this
radioactive barnburner. I don’t want to ruin the surprise so listen for yourself and see if these
other guys and I are understating anything. When I want to hear a whole show over right away
thats a pretty good sign 😉

REVIEW: tone and stuff
this really IS a good show

REVIEW: one of my favorites…
without a doubt. I haven’t heard this show for awhile but i always loved the way this whole show
just flows especially the second half of second set the segue’s are just harmonically perfect.

REVIEW: like a tiger in a trance
This is a really fantastic show. Bob switches gears on the CC Rider a la Around circa 78. The
Sailor > Saint is so ripping. Didn’t detect any remotely lame moments on this one.

REVIEW: Best of ’81?
This show is HOT! This is not my favorite era for the Dead, not least because I don’t particularly
like a lot of the songs that were in heavy rotation around this time. BUT… this little beauty
features versions of two of those songs (Alabama Getaway and Passenger) that have me
rethinking my opinions of them. Both are played waaay beyond any version I’ve heard before.
Jerry’s voice is actually in decent shape for this show as well, which helps. Finally, the recording
is exquisite.

This show really caught me off guard. I have come to expect minor flaws in any live rendering of
“Let It Grow” due to the sheer enormity of the song, but this version is a masterpiece IMHO- I
get a rush every time I listen to it and I wasn’t even there! The band catches fire around
“Cumberland” and doesn’t look back- download this first set at least.

REVIEW: Magical show
We were at this show. At one point my brother turned to me and said, “Look, Jerry is Merlin.”

REVIEW: Pooptastic sound for a board, great show!
The sound is a bit gritty, however the show is a monster! Wonderful Bird Song, Shakedown and
Lost Sailor>Saint. The Playing In The Band sandwich is remarkable. This is quite a well played
show with every member of the band contributing. That Cumberland just smokes! Very
rewarding and it sounds like the band are really enjoying themselves. Originally I took a star off
for sound but then put it back on because it’s such a good show.

Many more. you get the picture!

“Today’s Dead Tomorrow”, Upcoming Gig Events
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Dead Set Florida:
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Kettle Of Fish:
Hart’s Landing, Sat., Dec. 10th, 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.
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Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse, Sun., Dec. 11th, 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.
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Brewburgers Commercial Court, Sat., Dec. 10th, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.
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“The Red Wave That Wasn’t”: An Evening With John Nichols
Thurs., Dec 8th, 7:30 p.m., doors open at 6:30.
$10 general admission

Seth Glier, Grammy-nominated singer singwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist.
Fri., Dec 9th, 8:00p.m., doors open at 7.
$20 members, $24 non-members

Fiddlers Jason Carter & Bronwyn Keith-Hynes
Sat., Dec. 10th, 8:00 p.m., doors open at 7.
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