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“Yesterday’s Dead Today”, Monday, November 22nd, 7-9pm Eastern

Written by on Sunday, November 21, 2021

“They’re not the best at what they do…they are the ONLY ONES who do what they do!

Grateful Dead
Municipal Auditorium, Austin, TX
November 22, 1972
sdb > master reel > dat > cdr
Thanks to Dr. Bruce Fried for lending me his dat.
transferred and seeded by Mike Lai

Funny soundboard…almost everything going into one channel, with Phil and Keith kinda
isolated on the other…all available recordings…

Promised Land (missing), but it all depends upon whom you talk to…
Disc 1 – Set 1:
1. Sugaree
2. Mexicali Blues
3. Loser
4. Black Throated Wind
5. China Cat Sunflower >
6. I Know You Rider
7. Beat It On Down The Line
8. Candyman
9. El Paso
10. Bird Song

Disc 2 – Set 1 cont’d:
1. Playin’ In The Band,
2. Casey Jones

Set 2:
3. tuning
4. Greatest Story Ever Told
5. He’s Gone >
6. Truckin’ >
7. Drums >
8. The Other One >
9. Stella Blue

Disc 3 – Set 2 con’td.:
1. //Big River
2. Ramble On Rose
3. Sugar Magnolia
4. //Brokedown Palace
5. Around & Around
6. One More Saturday Night

7. Uncle John’s Band

REVIEW: Everybody Polka
i’ll add that this is just about my favorite first set of all time, outside of europe. the
list isn’t exceptional, but oh, the fire! even with mix problems, Loser is rad, and
that has never been my favorite tune. Really i say it’s a 5star, but, well, i ain’t got
the guts to slug it out with some deadhead who’ll counter that the best one was in
spring ‘o ’81 or whatever…..

REVIEW: let the rhythm hit em
Anyone who thinks Weir is a shitty guitar player should listen to this one. He’s all
over the jams.

REVIEW: rythm guitar?
I always like shows of this vintage particularly when Weir’s guitar is up in the
mix. His playing makes no sense to me, which maybe is why I like it so much.
Just can’t figure it out, but it adds the perfect counterpoint to Garcia’s more
melodic strains. Easy to take these shows for granted, but don’t. They all have
something to offer. Alot of texture and detail to each song, no toss-off’s. This
show also contains one of the rockingest “Around”s you’re going to here. A must
for Weir fans. 4 stars

REVIEW: Solid but Pig like the rest of this tour is noticeably absent
I like this and Houston alot. Playin on this is hot as is the IKYR… Not sure there is
a bad show from this entire tour. This is a bit shorter than some of the other ’72
barnburners and they never really crack the speed of sound until a killer and
postively incandescent 29 min OTHER ONE with Bob crushing the wawa, Phil
thumb popping, and Keith providing suprisingly nice rhythmn.

REVIEW: all the years combine,
Found this show by checking Deadbase for my birthdate shows. third of only four
times, the last of which was in 85. Anyhow, all i can say is, the Stella, Damn. I
honestly dont think ive heard a sweeter version in terms of Jerry’s singing. Gave
me goosebumps. And overall, this show is tight, with dynamics going on in the
songs between each player, the likes of which i dont think i had yet heard in a
show. Has that oldschool unearthly sound, which to some ears may sound “shitty”
or ‘muffled’, but to me its the fucking Nectar.

REVIEW: Nice Show
Very good show. Excellent for background listening while cleaning one’s
basement. Quality is good, set list is good, I highly enjoyed it.

REVIEW: Jerry’s vocals are right there
This is like you are right next to him in a room ….and he is singing so great
Ramble on Rose… I have heard tons of these Archive streams and this one just has something very cool with the recording of the vocals happening….

REVIEW: The Grateful Dead Play my Garage
A nice clear soundboard, which gives absolutely no clues away as the the size of
the room the Dead were actually playing in this night. Everything is nice and
up-front in the mix, making is sound like a small, intimate gig. Of course, the
playing is top notch, as the boys were really starting to hit their peak by this point.
I’ve said it before, but these late ’72 shows have a lot more DNA in common with
’73-’74 than anything the band was doing in early 1972. Fantastic stuff!

REVIEW: First Dead Show
Wow, I had no idea it was even possible to find recordings like this!
All I can say is “Far out Man!” I was at this concert, had just moved to Austin, this
was like nirvana to me, I can remember some of it! Those were the days of
fantastic music, fantastic vibes all around! Wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Peace.

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