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CANTANTES DE AYER! Miguelito, Vicentico, Orlando! Singers from the 1950’s! Their stories and their great voices on Latin Explosion! Plus Salsero band leader Bobby Valentin and, Los Rumberos part 2!  Friday May 21 2021, 7-9A Eastern, WSLR 96.5FM Sarasota and on

LATIN EXPLOSION focuses on NYC Rumberos including Totico, Puntilla and Daniel Ponce. Los Rumberos performed at Orchard Beach in the Bronx, Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem and Central Park. And in the clubs Soundscape and New Rican Village. It all started at the Peruvian Embassy! Benjamin Lapidus, author of the must-read “New York and the […]

WSLR’s own DADEE-O, host of Collectors Corner, with famed drummer Barrett Deems in Chicago in the the 1990’s. If you’ve seen the movie “High Society” with Louis Armstrong you saw Barrett Deems taking the drum solo! I’ll be joining DADEE-O this Sunday with more Chicago and Sarasota music stories. Collectors Corner, Sunday 1-3pm WSLR 96.5 […]

When was the last time you heard Son14? Or Sonora Ponceña for that matter? You will hear plenty of both on LATIN EXPLOSION this week. And that’s not all…Poncho Sanchez and his Latin jazz and much more. Friday, 7-9am est, WSLR 96.5 FM Sarasota, stream at or anytime at “Fuego en el 23!”

Mongo Santamaria special this Friday! From “Afro-Blue” to “Watermelon Man” and everything in between. Plus Carlos Santana and The Interview with author Benjamin Lapidus. LATIN EXPLOSION, Friday, 7-9am, WSLR 96.5 FM Sarasota, stream at or listen anytime Mongo and me during 70’s and 80’s Chicago!

A trip to Woodstock, Montreux, and The Village Gate with Carlos Santana and Mongo Santamaria on LATIN EXPLOSION! Plus, The Interview with Benjamin Lapidus on his new book “New York and the International Sound of Latin Music 1940-1990.” LATIN EXPLOSION Friday, 7-9am, WSLR 96.5. FM Sarasota, listen live or anytime “Evil Ways!”

LATIN EXPLOSION Fans: BUY A BRICK this week! The WSLR Spring Membership Drive is here. Thank you Gerardo Velez and Bill Buchman for the Buy a Brick tracks! They’ll be on the show plus lots of salsa, Latin jazz and musica Cubana. Friday, 7-9am, WSLR 96.5 FM Sarasota, Listen live at or anytime at […]

Trumpet master Arturo Sandoval, Bronx bandleader Bobby Sanabria plus two very different pianists: Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Emiliano Salvador. LATIN EXPLOSION, Friday, 7-9am, WSLR 96.5 FM Sarasota, listen live at or listen anytime at “Hot House!”

Did you know Linda Ronstadt had a Latin album? Check it out this Friday along with the music of bandleader Arsenio Rodriguez, pianist Hilton Ruiz and singer/leader Tito Rodriguez on LATIN EXPLOSION. Friday, 7-9am WSLR 96.5 FM Sarasota, stream or listen anytime by typing WSLR LATIN EXPLOSION in your browser. “Vuela la Paloma!”

Its Ismael Rivera “El Sonero Mayor”, Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz, Ritmo Oriental and Orquesta Riverside on LATIN EXPLOSION, Friday, 7-9am, WSLR 96.5 FM Sarasota, stream at or listen anytime by typing WSLR LATIN EXPLOSION in your browser. “Aguzate!” “

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