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DANCEMANIA (1958) was on the list of the NY Times “Critics’ Choices; 25 Albums of the 20th Century”, from 1/3/2000. We are featuring DANCEMANIA, the only Latin album on the list, on LATIN EXPLOSION, tomorrow. Plus Ray Barretto and more. Friday, 7-9AM, WSLR 96.5FM Sarasota and your friendly local Pacifica network station that carries the […]

Orquesta Aragon, Arcano y sus Maravillas, Roy Ayers Ubiquity, Bamboleo and more. We bring you all the favorites on LATIN EXPLOSION! SOMETHING NEW! The Best Salsa, Latin Jazz and Afro-Cuban albums of the 20th Century! See the albums our critics are selecting! Catch our initial BEST OF monthly show, April 29 with the first one: […]

LATIN EXPLOSION, for April 8. Some old, and some new? Listen and find out! Adalberto Alvarez, 1992, Chico Alvarez, 2021, Eddie Palmieri, 1984, Afrocubism, 2010. Older or newer, which do you prefer? That’s the next LATIN EXPLOSION, Friday, 7-9am Eastern, or WSLR 96.5FM Sarasota. You’ll be able to stream this show until April 21, […]

Mongo Santamaria’s “Watermelon Man” was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998. Santamaria was one of a group of congueros who came to the United States in the 40s and 50s; the others were Armando Peraza, Chano Pozo, Francisco Aguabella, Julito Collazo. Listen to Mongo Santamaria’s music and story. Salsa, Latin Jazz y […]

“The Big Three”, Machito, Tito Puente and Tito Rodriguez, pulled in the crowds at NYC’s Palladium Ballroom from 1948 to 1966…This Friday its the story and the music of one of the “three”, Tito Rodriguez! Interviews about EL INOLVIDABLE’s life and times with Aurora Flores, writer at Izzy Sanabria’s Latin NY Magazine, Billboard, many others, […]

Ismael Rivera y sus Cachimbos, Reve y su Charangon, Orquesta Ritmo Oriental y la Orquesta Riverside con Tito Gomez! A trip down memory lane on the next LATIN EXPLOSION, From the 1950’s to the 1980’s and from Havana and Oriente to New York City. Friday January 28 7-9AM Eastern, and on the radio, WSLR […]

Abelardo, Richie, Bobby, Pupi, Puerto Rico All Stars and more in the next Latin Explosion! 7-9AM Eastern, Friday January 21 NEW! You can listen to LATIN EXPLOSION at different times and days on about a dozen Pacifica radio affiliates around the U.S. that now carry the show. Stream this program anytime until February 3. […]

Lazaro Ros is a singer, but more than that, an Akpuon lead singer. The choral response, or Ankori, is done by all present. Melodies and words of ancient origin sung in an archaic form of Yoruban. “CANTOS”, Lazaro Ros con Mezla (1992) is the CD we are featuring this Friday, January 7. The Interview is […]

TITO PUENTE on the December 31 LATIN EXPLOSION! Finish your 2021 with THE KING! We are taking a dive into the 1950’s to the 1970’s, TP’s RCA Victor and Tico years. Joe Conzo, author of TP’s bio MAMBO DIABLO is The Interview. We talk with Joe about the new movies “Being The Ricardos”, and “West […]

FELIZ NAVIDAD dear listeners! Catch our Holiday special, this December 24, 7-9AM Eastern on! Stream it anytime before January 6 when it goes away forever! Thanks to the team at WSLR 96.5FM in Sarasota, where LE is produced. We appreciate the warm environment. And “THANK YOU” to the Pacifica radio network affiliates around the […]

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