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Let’s boogaloo, and Cuban salsa too! It’s KAKO, IRAKERE, ENRIQUE JORRIN, ORQUESTA KUBAVANA, even ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIN on the next LATIN EXPLOSION!!!! 20th Century Salsa, Latin Jazz and Afro Cuban! Friday September 2, 7-9AM ET on WSLR 96.5FM the Pacifica radio network affiliate in Sarasota! stream this show anytime until 9/15 “Estoy Buscando […]

The other Harlow! Andy! “Sorpresa La Flauta” was his ’72 hit album! Plus Charlie Haden, Herbie Hancock, Julio Gutierrez and Eddie Palmieri’s “HAY QUE RICO” ! Hear the original version from ’68 and the 2002 version. On the August 26 LATIN EXPLOSION! 20th Century Salsa, Latin Jazz and Afrocuban! 7-9AM on WSLR 96.5FM, Sarasota’s Pacifica […]

LARRY HARLOW’s music and interview! “El Judio Maravilloso” passed away August 20, 2021, at 82. We had him on the radio for 24 minutes in November 2020. You will hear that conversation Friday August 19, 2022, 7-9AM Eastern on WSLR 96.5FM, Pacifica’s Sarasota affiliate for the stream… Something new! hear two versions of the […]

Dizzy Gillespie, El Gran Combo, Grupo Folklorico y Experimental Nuevayorkino, Andy and Jerry Gonzalez and a lot more on tap~! Latin Explosion, August 12, 7-9am, and on the radio at WSLR 96.5FM, Pacifica’s Sarasota affiliate! Available at until August 25. Claire Montenegro, producer, Juan Montenegro, host “Conmigo no Hay Turulete” “Achilipu”

FranFerrer y Descarga Boricua, piano masters Frank Emilio Flynn and Ruben Gonzalez, Manfredo Fest’s Brazilian Dorian Dream, Sammy Figueroa, Glaucia Nasser, Juan Carlos Formell and a little bit more, on the August 5 LATIN EXPLOSION! From Sarasota’s Pacifica radio affiliate WSLR 96.5FM. This edition available on line until August 18 Claire Montenegro, producer, […]

FANIA ALL STARS and CHEO FELICIANO headline Latin Explosion Friday, July 29, 7-9AM! Plus bandleader and flutist extraordinaire Jose Fajardo, singers El Gran Fellove and Roberto Faz, and from Southern France, the band Fatal Mambo! Les Negresses Vertes meet Tito Puente! WSLR 96.5FM, Sarasota’s Pacifica affiliate. This edition available until August 11 here; […]

Its “FATHER OF THE BRIDE” time on Latin Explosion! The music of Gloria Estefan and some background on the new hit version of the movie. Miami, here we come! Plus, cantante Oscar D’Leon, percussionist Walfredo de los Reyes and plenty more…. Friday July 22, 7-9AM on WSLR 96.5FM, Sarasota’s Pacifica radio. stream this LATIN […]

The MUSIC CRITICS voted Tito Puente’s “Cuban Carnival” RCA, 1956, as the winning Salsa, Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban album for June! “Cuban Carnival” Part 1 will air on LATIN EXPLOSION, Friday June 24. Hear conversations with the author of “MAMBO DIABLO, My Journey with Tito Puente” LATIN EXPLOSION, Friday, 7-9AM Eastern, — our home, WLSR […]

CACHAO PART 2 “In the USA” is ready! It airs this Friday June 17! Thanks to John “Dandy” Rodriguez and Felo Barrio for their stories, and memories!!! Eddie Palmieri’s “CHAMPAGNE” album featuring “Ay que Rico” “Cachao en el bajo, tocando bugalu”, Felo and Dandy reminiscing about Tipica 73’s “Intercambio Cultural”, and performing at the Tropicana […]

FOCUS ON CHICAGO! Latin Explosion started in 1970’s Chicago. On this show we visit with my friend and AACM musician Art “Turk” Burton, share stories about the AACM, his influences and memories- Mongo Santamaria, VP Records, Carlos Flores, Rick’s Cafe Americain, The London House, Jane Byrne’s ChicagoFest and more! Hear the interview and Art’s music […]

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