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This Wednesday our first guest will be Joe Bonasia, Vice-Chair and Southwest Florida Regional Director of the Florida Rights of Nature Network, a non-profit organization that “guides, supports, and encourages efforts to legally recognize and enforce the rights of nature and the right of communities to a healthy environment through self-government at the city, county, […]

This Wednesday, March 16 at 9am, we’ll hear a short legislative update from Jim Saunders of the News Service of Florida. Then we’ll talk to State College of Florida history professor Philip Travis about the historical roots of the Cold War and how it relates to the conflict in Ukraine, the humanitarian situation there and the possible […]

This Wednesday, March 9 at 9am, we’ll first hear a summary of state news from Jim Saunders, Executive Editor of the News Service of Florida. Then we’ll talk to Mary Klein of Westminster Communities of Florida. Mary is their Chief of Human Resources and will describe their new program for Afghan refugees which includes housing, […]

This Wednesday at 9am our first guest on the Peace & Justice Report will be Christine Johnson, President of the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast which has permanently protected more than 18,877 acres of critical lands. “Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast works with you to save land, forever, conserving those special places that shape our […]

On Wednesday Feb 23 at 9am we first talked to Tom Matrullo of Citizens for District Power and Kindra Muntz of Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections. They urged people to vote NO on ITEM 2 on March 8. Dark money and Republicans are trying to overturn single member districts which allow grass roots candidates to […]

This Wednesday at 9am the Peace & Justice Report will interview Ken Mayers of Veterans For Peace. We’ll talk about their recent Nuclear Posture Review. It reviews the nuclear posture of all the nuclear-armed states – the U.S., Russia, the UK, France, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel, and it makes a number of recommendations for […]

This Wednesday, Feb 9 at 9am on the Peace & Justice Report, we’ll talk to political science professor Alain Sanders. He’ll talk about Biden’s first year, the Senate and the Supreme Court. Our second guest will be Scott Osborne, President of the Gulf Coast Chapter of UN Women USA. We’ll talk about their upcoming film festival, […]

Missed it? Go to to hear the show. We start after about seven minutes of music because of technical problems. This Wednesday, February 2 at 9am, we talked to Chelsea Dunn of Southern Legal Council and Jackie Azis of ACLU Florida about a case they’ve brought challenging the Sarasota Clerk of Court’s right to […]

This Wednesday at 9am we’ll talk to author Stephen Marche about his new book The Next Civil War: Dispatches from the American Future. Retired US Army colonel Peter Mansoor, professor of military history at The Ohio State University: “It would not be like the first civil war, with armies maneuvering on the battlefield…I think it would […]

This Wednesday at 9am we’ll interview Amy Weintraub from Progress Florida and Floridians for Reproductive Freedom. Amy will give us an update on the Florida bills pending to restrict abortion and also information about such things as the many fake clinics, the abortion pill available by mail, and where to find help. And since it’s the third […]

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