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Our first guest this Wednesday, October 14 at 9am, was a previous guest, Carl Dix. Carl is a founding member, and a representative, of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. Carl writes: We’re in an extremely dangerous and momentous period – and facing a rolling fascist coup with one Trump assault after another (e.g., Barr announced the DOJ […]

Our guest on the Peace & Justice Report on Wednesday, October 7 at 9am, was Donn Scott, statewide Campaign for Justice Organizer for the ACLU of Florida. We talked about the new report on the Cost of School Policing, and what Florida’s students have paid for a pretense of security. If you’d like to hear […]

On Wednesday, September 30 at 9am, our first guest was Patti Brigham, President of the Florida League of Women Voters. We talked about the six constitutional amendments which are on your Florida ballot. The League’s position is that only Amendment 2 – $15 Minimum Wage – deserves a “YES.” On the other five, they recommend […]

On Wednesday, September 23rd at 9am, we talked to Chuck Collins of the Institute for Policy Studies and their program on Inequality and the Common Good. We talked about his areas of concern: dynasty trusts, estate taxes, hidden wealth, inequality, offshore taxes, philanthropy, progressive populism, the racial wealth gap, tax reform, and tax subsidies. Be […]

This Wednesday our first guest will be Amy Weintraub from Progress Florida on the new requirement in Florida for parental consent for abortion. Florida law requires a parent to give permission if a young person under 18 years old is trying to get an abortion. Most young people talk to their parents when they need an […]

This Wednesday on The Peace & Justice Report, Bob Connor and I will first host Chris Johnson, CEO of the Suncoast Partnership to End Homelessness. The mission of Suncoast Partnership is to “prevent and end homelessness throughout Manatee and Sarasota counties.” The Suncoast Partnership is the lead agency for the Continuum of Care (CoC). Our […]

This week our first guest will be Susan Friedman, lead lawyer for the Innocence Project who obtained the release of Robert DuBoise from prison. Robert was innocent and wrongly convicted. He served nearly 37 years in prison for a Tampa murder he didn’t commit. We’ll talk to Susan about the work of the Innocence Project. […]

Our first guest on the Peace & Justice Report this week was Hannah Karnei, who is on a one-year intensive fellowship at the Patterson Foundation. Hannah is helping with their Census 2020 Education Project. We discused the U.S Census and talk about why it’s important to participate. If you missed our show just go to […]

Our first guest Wednesday, August 18, will be Cassandra Manz, our WSLR News Coordinator. She’ll review the results of Tuesday’s primary. Then we’ll talk to Dan Callaghan of the Florida Veterans for Common Sense, and his special guest will be Mel Goodman.                           […]

This Wednesday, August 12 at 9am, our first guest will be Adam Tebrugge, a defense attorney practicing in Bradenton. We’ll talk about criminal justice reform, the death penalty, how COVID-19 has affected the courts, and about the upcoming elections for State Attorney, Sheriff and Judge. Adam has practiced before the criminal bar throughout Florida’s 12thJudicial […]

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