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This Wednesday at 9am our guests will be Candace Archerand Bill Newton. Candace is the Payday and Consumer Campaign Manager at Americans for Financial Reform. There she fights abusive payday lending and debt collection. Bill is the Deputy Director of the Florida Consumer Action Network. The Nolo website has information on Florida’s limits on those loans here.

This Wednesday at 9am we’ll interview the author of six recent books, humanist Joseph R. Simonetta. He writes “Informed by science and void of supernatural beliefs, humanists seek to build a more humane, just, compassionate and democratic society based on knowledge, experience and reason.” On the second half of the show we’ll talk to Graham Patterson. […]

This Wednesday at 9am we’ll interview Ginger McCallum, Volunteer Local Lead and Legislative Lead of Manasota Moms Demand Action. We’ll talk about Manatee Commissioner Satcher’s proposal to allow guns at work in Manatee County and the protest set for next Tuesday.  She writes “I am sharing additional information about Commissioner Satcher’s proposal to allow guns at […]

Tomorrow, July 6 at 9am, we’ll talk first to Amy Weintraub from Progress Florida. Amy will talk about the changes happening almost daily in Florida with respect to abortion access. For more, see the website Floridians for Reproductive Freedom. Our second guest will be Timothy Wilson. Tim is a freelance investigative journalist working in Canada and Mexico. […]

This Wednesday, June 29 from 9-10am, our guests will be Damien Filer and Amy Weintraub from Progress Florida. Amy will talk about changes in Florida to abortion access after the recent Supreme Court ruling which overturned Roe v. Wade. Then Damien will talk about the brand new People First Report Card showing how Florida legislators […]

This Wednesday, June 22 at 9am, we’ll first have our state news from Jim Saunders, Executive Director of the News Service of Florida. Then we’ll interview Rebekah Jones, a candidate for Congress in northern Florida. We’ll talk about her claim that her bosses at the Florida Department of Health intentionally falsified COVID case data as Gov. […]

This Wednesday we’ll be joined by William Russell, Sarasota Housing Authority’s President & CEO. We’ll learn all about the work of the Housing Authority and what the chances are for improving the situation here in Sarasota. Then we’ll hear Justice Matters from Legal Aid of Manasota. They’ll talk about the juvenile criminal justice system and the impact […]

This Wednesday we’ll talk to Matthew Hoh. He is a senior fellow with the Center for International Policy. He is a 100% disabled Marine combat veteran and, in 2009, he resigned his position with the State Department in Afghanistan in protest of the escalation of the war. He is a candidate with the Green Party to represent […]

This Wednesday, June 1 at 9am, our guest on the Peace & Justice Report will be Ryan Morales, a Democratic candidate this fall for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services. That department is in charge of much more that just agriculture. For instance, it regulates concealed weapon permits, cannabis, and water policy. And we’ll […]

Our guest this Wednesday at 9am will be Philip Tavill. He’s the CEO of Children First, the provider of Head Start services here in Sarasota County. Head Start serves at-risk and economically vulnerable families with young children. It’s a program tailored for children three to five years of age which provides early education, health, dental, […]

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