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This Wednesday, Sept. 21, is the International Day of Peace. To honor that, at 9am, Bob has arranged to talk to a spokesperson from Preemptive Love, an organization which works to create a world without violence. Then, since it’s the third Wednesday of the month, at 9:30 we’ll host Justice Matters, brought to us each […]

This Wednesday we’ll talk to Din Blankenship, co-director of the film REFUGE. The film will be shown next Tuesday, September 20, at 7pm at Fogartyville. “REFUGE” tells a story about fear and love in the American South. A leader in a white nationalist hate group finds healing from the people he once hated – a Muslim heart […]

This Wednesday we’ll talk to Dan Boxser of the Boxser Diversity Initiative and Everett Oceola, Cultural Ambassador of the Seminole tribe and founder of Native Reel Cinema. We’ll preview some of the films coming up at the Sarasota Native American Film Festival September 9-15. Come to the live events or watch all the films online […]

This Wednesday we’ll have all three authors of a brand new book Our Veterans – Winners, Losers, Friends and Enemies on the New Terrain of Veterans Affairs – Suzanne Gordon, Steve Early and Jasper Craven. In Our Veterans, Suzanne Gordon, Steve Early, and Jasper Craven explore the physical, emotional, social, economic, and psychological impact of […]

Our guest this Wednesday at 9am will be President/CEO and founder of Project 180, Barbara Richards. Project 180 seeks to reintegrate formerly incarcerated citizens into community life and their vision is to reduce poverty, homelessness, unemployment and criminal behavior among formerly incarcerated citizens. And Bob Connors is back from his trip to the Netherlands, and […]

This week we’ll first talk to Dale Anderson. Dale has started a new movement and webpage called Choose Democracy. Its purpose is “to provide an organizing platform for citizens to become Democracy Activists and work to preserve, protect and strengthen our democracy.” We’ll talk about why he thinks democracy is in danger and what he’s […]

This week our first guest will be Megan Howell of Second Heart Homes. This nonprofit is dedicated to providing permanent housing to those with mental illness who have experienced or are at-risk of homelessness. WSLR’s John Dickman will join the discussion and talk about his volunteer work there. Our second guest will be WSLR’s co-founder […]

This Wednesday at 9am our guests will be Candace Archerand Bill Newton. Candace is the Payday and Consumer Campaign Manager at Americans for Financial Reform. There she fights abusive payday lending and debt collection. Bill is the Deputy Director of the Florida Consumer Action Network. The Nolo website has information on Florida’s limits on those loans here.

This Wednesday at 9am we’ll interview the author of six recent books, humanist Joseph R. Simonetta. He writes “Informed by science and void of supernatural beliefs, humanists seek to build a more humane, just, compassionate and democratic society based on knowledge, experience and reason.” On the second half of the show we’ll talk to Graham Patterson. […]

This Wednesday at 9am we’ll interview Ginger McCallum, Volunteer Local Lead and Legislative Lead of Manasota Moms Demand Action. We’ll talk about Manatee Commissioner Satcher’s proposal to allow guns at work in Manatee County and the protest set for next Tuesday.  She writes “I am sharing additional information about Commissioner Satcher’s proposal to allow guns at […]

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