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“EVERYONE is a Deadhead…some of you may not know it yet…” Grateful Dead Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA July 12, 1976 SBD > Cassette Master > Cassette (Maxell XLII/Dolby B) Soundcheck: SBD > VHS > DAT (Tascam DA-40) Patch Info: Sony ECM-270 > Cassette Master > DAT (shnid=123474) supplies: Tennessee Jed (complete track) U.S. Blues […]

July 8, 2021

Enjoy 2 hours of the House Music from All Around the World with DJ Derek Bowden & Host Shane Swift.  

This Wednesday, July 7 at 9am, we’ll interview Tom Areton of the San Rafael Museum of International Propaganda. Tom and his wife have been collecting examples of propaganda for many years. Bob visited his museum in San Rafael, CA on Monday and Tom agreed to be a guest on our show. The mission of the […]

New music, and the show will go on despite Tropical Storm Elsa!

“EVERYONE is a Deadhead…some of you may not know it yet…” Grateful Dead Zoo Amphitheatre, Oklahoma City, OK July 5, 1981 SBD > Master Cassette > Reel > Dat Transferred and edited by Charlie Miller: Encore patched from Nak 700>Cm>Dat>CD A very detailed, well-balanced recording! Instrument separation is perfect! And, they are VERY electric! Disc […]

This week on LATIN EXPLOSION: 8X Grammy award winner Ruben Blades the creator of the “thinking person’s salsa dance music.” Plus Mario Bauza, musical director of Machito & his Afro-Cubans, Contemporary groups Bellita & Bomboleo and more. LATIN EXPLOSION, Friday, 7-9am, WSLR 96.5 FM Sarasota, listen anytime “From Tanga to Pedro Navaja!”

This Wednesday, June 30 at 9am, the Peace & Justice Report will host two longtime Newtown activists, Valerie Buchand and Barbara Nell Langston. Ms. Buchand is the founder and Board Chair of Newtown Nation. She’s also on the board of the Sarasota Housing Authority Agency-wide Resident Council. Ms. Langston is President of the Amaryllis Park Neighborhood […]

South American tenor master Gato Barbieri and the hard salsa blaster Ray Barretto on the next LATIN EXPLOSION. Plus Bomboleo and more. Send in requests for your Ray Barretto favorites. LATIN EXPLOSION, Friday, 7-9am WSLR 96.5 FM Sarasota, stream or listen anytime “Guarare!”

Tuesday June 29th from 11:03 am until 1:00pm (est) WSLR 96.5 FM Sarasota, stream or listen anytime Also on the free IOS and Android app. We are celebrating Pride Month; where the LGBTQ+ community gather to commemorate accomplishments; appeal for necessary changes; and honor the achievements of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender […]

“It is said that, if you lined up every deadhead who had ever seen the Grateful Dead live, it would wind around the moon, and about halfway back…” Grateful Dead Hershey Park Stadium,, Hershey, PA June 28, 1985 One of my earliest tapes, when one could buy blank cassettes from head shops and they would […]

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