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“Yesterday’s Dead Today”, Monday, May 2nd, 7-9pm Eastern

Written by on Sunday, May 1, 2022

I’ve seen thousands of reviews over the years, but this actually explains “A Deadhead”…
“REVIEW: stella
As a new fan of the Dead it was years before I realized the importance
of the tears streaming down the face of the girl beside me. She seemed
have a religious experience. Now I know why”

Grateful Dead
Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA

May 2, 1980
“Mouth Of The Beast”
FOB Master Cassettes (MAC)
2 x Nakamichi CM700 > Sony TC-D5M > MAC > MAC > Nakamichi DR-1
Taped by Barry Glassberg,
Transfer by Adam Egert, mastering by Derek McCabe

Disc 1 Set 1:
1. Minglewood Blues
2. Loser
3. Mama Tried >
4. Mexicali Blues
5. Friend of the Devil
6. Far From Me
7. Looks Like Rain
8. Althea
9. The Music Never Stopped

Disc 2 – Set 2:
1. Alabama Getaway >
2. Feel Like a Stranger >
3. Eyes of the World >
4. Drums >
5. Space > Not Fade Away >
6. Stella Blue >
7. I Need a Miracle >
8. Bertha >
9. Good Lovin’

10. Johnny B. Goode

Reviews from this recording:
REVIEW: Jerry’s guitar
great “LOSER”, half way through the song jerry turns on with some great guitar
work. I even liked “FOTD”. The rest of the band was not with him though. A nice
“Eyes”. SPACE jams into a NFA w/ Jerry taking lead vocals! Love it, then he lays
into his guitar before settling into a sweet “Stella Blue” !! Back at it again with
“Bertha” and he tears it up till the end “Johnny B Good”. Too bad the rest of the
band was not up to par. Jerry’s playing was superb in early 1980. 5 stars for that

REVIEW: First Set is a Keeper!
Loser to open is screaming. Jerry is on the edge of feedback with every solo. He is
ON FIRE! You can hear the electricity on the recording. FOTD is great. Even Far
from Me is great. The Music Never Stopped is terrific. The spacey middle jam is
incredible. The second set pales in comparison but the first set is spectacular.

Eight recordings in the archive and almost no reviews. Here are a few of the very few:
REVIEW: The first set is insane!
Listen to the guitar quality of Jerry! He is cranked up and out front the whole set.
The first guitar break in Minglewoods is RAW!! The crowd went nuts! Probably
the most raucous version of Loser. Great guitar break in FOD. He’s even all over
the place on Far From Me. The Music Never Stopped to close smokes. Sounds
like he was coked up for this set. The second set pales in comparison. Looks like
he ran out!

REVIEW: Lesh Filling
Very good show folks, on of the more rocking ones for 1980. Every one of them
are on this night. The sound quality, just phenomonal. Great Stella, Minglewood
(one of my favorite versions) and a classic Loser. If you don’t know 1980, this is
the place to start.

REVIEW: Jerry is on fire
Jerry rips it up and rolls on every solo. The rest of the band can hardly keep up
with him, right up to to the encore when Bobby goes to sing after Jerry’s solo but
Jerry’s not done yet and Bobby has to back off and start again. Loved listening to
this. Wild show.

REVIEW: Jerry was on fire in early ’80
This is a great performance by Jerry.

What is the “Mouth of the Beast”?
“If you have ever listened to live recordings you will probably have noticed that
not all recordings have the same quality. It all depends on the gear used, the
location of the mics and of course the band’s groove. Back behind the soundboard,
the taper section was not the ideal location for recording. And those crisp
soundboard tapes, they leave out the full experience of the show. The missing
sound is the dynamics of being up close to the stage while the band performed. Up
front, dead center in the first fifteen rows is where “the sound” was ideal. The
tapers knew this was the spot. They braved security and the bands’ roadies to
make these tapes. This project has been started to preserve, archive and distribute
these rare recordings. This project is for the fans — who want to experience
recordings made in the “Mouth of the Beast”. We refer to this project as MOTB.”

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