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Sal Serbin, White Horse, will be with us on New Years Day. Sal is the host of WSLR’s Indigenous Sounds on Monday nights, and he’ll be our guest on the Peace and Justice Report this Wednesday, Jan 1, 2020 at 9am. Sal is an Assiniboine/Sioux whose grandfather was in the Battle of Little Bighorn in […]

On Christmas Day, this Wednesday December 25th at 9am, Peace & Justice will feature an interview with the founder of Food Not Bombs, Keith McHenry. Artist, activist, and author Keith McHenry co-founded Food Not Bombs in Boston with seven friends in 1980. He enjoyed his childhood living at the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Shenandoah and several […]

This coming Wednesday, December 18, our guest will be Mel Goodman. We’ll talk about whistleblowers, national security surveillance of American citizens, and the Ukraine. We’ll also discuss his new book American Carnage: The Wars of Donald Trump. The book identifies efforts to politicize the military and intelligence communities; the efforts to undermine and degrade essential […]

This Wednesday we’ll have in the studio attorneys Adam Tebrugge and Tracy Pratt. Adam will discuss the current prison situation in Florida and possible reforms to be considered in this legislative session, including minimum mandatory safety valves and the recording all interrogations. Other goals: release old and sick prisoners, allow inmates gain time for rehabilitation. […]

This Wednesday, December 4 at 9am, we’ll have in the studio Carol Lerner of Protect Our Public Schools (POPS) Manasota. She’ll talk about the upcoming Florida legislative session and the event at Fogartyville December 10. Then we’ll have on the phone Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies. Phyllis directs the New Internationalism Project […]

This coming Wednesday, November 27, at 9am, we’ll have in the studio Claire Snyder-Hall, Chair of Sarasota-Charlotte County Chapter of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida. We’ll discuss Medicare for All – how it works and how we can pay for it. Bernie Sanders talks about those options here. On the second half of the […]

Our first guests this coming Wednesday, November 20, at 9am will be our old friend Andy Worthington talking about why we should close Guantanamo. It has been open for more than 6,520 days! Another friend of the show concerned about Guantanamo is Debra Sweet. Her website is World Can’t Wait. Our second guest will be […]

This Wednesday we’ll talk about cash bail, and our guest will be Public Defender Larry Eger. Larry is the Public Defender for the 12th Judicial Circuit which includes Sarasota, Manatee and DeSoto counties. When I toured the Sarasota county jail recently, I was told that seventy-five percent of the people in jail were awaiting trial. […]

Wednesday morning at 9am we had as our guest the amazing activist Adrien Lucas. We discussed both the upcoming decisions for the land adjacent to the Celery Fields and also the ongoing attempt by county commissioners to change the boundaries of the Sarasota County Commission districts. Listen to it on the archives! Good information about […]

This Wednesday we’ll talk to Jenni Casale, a founding member of Action Together Suncoast, one of the many Indivisible groups in our area. But she’s also the author of the popular blog Democracy Alive, a fact-based discussion of current and controversial issues. We’ll talk about her writing and the concerns all of us have for […]

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